Drool and Whine… Whine and Drool

We are back in that vicious circle yet again- teething. Or.. I suppose it could be what appears to be teething like the last hundred times and no tooth ever pops through. Almost 10 months old and still sitting where he has been for 6 months- two sad lonely little teeth.

I’m crossing my fingers that this time is IT. No more teasing.. or the ever slow process of teeth working their way down but never breaching the surface.
The whining…. is literally going to make my head explode.

This time I know i’m not just imagining things though, because i’ve pried open his mouth and shown his upper gums to a couple of other moms and they’ve all confirmed that his gums are ridiculously bulbous and a tad swollen. I believe 4 upper teeth are red and swollen, and the top middle teeth are just large and bulbous- with one so close to the bottom it makes that one spot visibly lower than the other- but somehow NOT swollen.

Parker’s mouth confuses me to no end. Holden was a bitchy teether but he banged those suckers out. If he was ridiculously fussy, it meant a tooth was coming. Period. No pussy-footing around about it. No fake outs.

Today, Thomas didn’t wake up when I told him to- so we all ended up sleeping in late. Parker seemed to wake up in a decent mood, but that slowly morphed into a particularly BAD one. It started when he was crawling all over me trying to get to me bowl during breakfast- and of course that wasn’t going to happen so he got PISSED. He also wanted to repeatedly mouth my legs, which normally i’ll just let him do- but today it was particularly drooly and disgusting so I kept moving him to sit next to me instead and he got PISSED. And that lasted all day. Whining nonstop turned into crying nonstop.. and he cried for so long without a break that when he got his bottle he passed out on it. Longest 5.5 ounces of my life.

Even going outside, which is typically his most favorite thing to do didn’t stop the whining and squirming completely.
I keep peeking in his mouth- seeing those stupid top teeth get more red and larger every day but still not busting through.

Not only would new teeth help our quest in introducing him to table foods (a lot of which require chewing.. which he CAN do without them, but would take a lot less time and effort with them)- but it will save my already disgusting carpet. I suppose I can’t complain, since we got it for free off of freecycle, but every day he drools a new spot into it. Sometimes colored, sometimes clear- but NONE of it comes out. How baby spit is permanent is beyond me. Poor white carpet now looks polka dotted like a dalmatian. It’s gross, and somewhat embarrassing.

I’m gonna reach in there and yank them out if they don’t come through on their own soon. VERY SOON.

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