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About 7 years ago, I drove across the country from Virginia to California to start my music career. Along the way, there were SO many things in this country I wanted to see. Music destinations, fun pit stops.. just all kinds of random things i’d never had the opportunity to visit that now I finally did- and wanted to.
One of the first on the list was Nashville, Tennessee. Only, when I got there.. I got lost. Horribly. The car (with trailer) I was following got far ahead of me, the push to talk wasn’t working- none of the hotels would take us.. it was an absolute nightmare. As much as I wanted to see Nashville, where a lot of country music stars got there start- it just wasn’t in the cards. We ended up driving an hour out of Nashville until we couldn’t drive anymore and stopping at a motel that lost power for the entire night. If you would ever call ANYTHING bad luck- that would be it.
The next day, we drove past Memphis.. and then I knew that THAT was where we should have planned to stop. So much history there. Just as much if not MORE than Nashville. Elvis? Blues? Rock? Check check check. Unfortunately we just didn’t have the time.. but now I know better. Memphis is the place to be, y’all.

If I went now, obviously it would be a tad different being as I have a family these days.. but there is still so much to do for EVERY kind of person! Including art

Yes.. an Art Monster. What kid wouldn’t love to see things like that?

If you doubt me, check out the Memphis-savvy travel guide and see for yourself. I would definitely take the kids to the Memphis Zoo, the Children’s Museum.. and of course a couple of rock & roll places for myself just to relive the old times.

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I’d love to visit Memphis.. I still regret not stopping when I had the chance so many years ago.

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