Creepy Craigslisters

We’ve all heard the horror stories.

Don’t ever date someone you meet from the internet! They’ll be a serial killer!
If you sell something online, don’t let them pick it up at your house! They’ll be a serial killer!

And while that might be true SOMETIMES, it’s not always the case. BUT- the internet is full of weirdos.

I’ve bought things online, sold things online- met people from the internet and have yet to experience any kind of issue because of it. Maybe i’m just lucky.
I’ve encountered plenty of assholes in my Craigslist ventures. People wanting to scam you on the price, or just wanting you to basically give it away and telling you some kind of sob story about how they can’t afford anything more. If I could afford to give things away, i’d have listed it as such! Most of us are experiencing hard times- a sob story isn’t going to get you anywhere.
If I want to find strange and hilarious in the Craigslist world, I just peruse the “Best of” section. Harmless hilarious fun for all!

It wasn’t until this past week that I lost my Craigslist weirdo virginity.

For a while now i’ve been trying to unload baby crap we don’t need or use anymore. Some i’ve sold quickly, others i’ve had to list multiple times and still no real interest.
One item being a Medela Manual Breastpump. I used it with Holden, only for a few weeks. Didn’t use it with Parker at all. So I sterilized it and back in the original box it went. I must have listed it 4 times by now. I got some responses, but no one who said “ok, I want it. I’m coming to get it.”
People love to say they’re interested and then blow you off.

And then, a few days ago, I found this little gem in my inbox in response to my Breastpump listing.

“would you say the pump could be used as a pleasure aid?”

Say WHAT?! Shocked, horrified.. but couldn’t help do anything other than laugh.
Seriously?? A breast pump as a PLEASURE aid? I know there are some kinky freaks out there, but YUCK.
I put my boob into that thing and watched it distort and mush and generally hurt and disgust me.. just to get my kid the tiniest bit of breastmilk- and someone wants to stick.. I don’t even know- a boob or a penis, into it and get pleasure out of the experience?? Gag. Go to a sex store to find something to give you your jollies!

It’d be tempting.. because money is nice- but no way would I ever let that weirdo anywhere near my house to pick it up. The visuals alone would give me nightmares for weeks.


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