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Tonight is the rare occurance where we actually have guests over after dinner time so i’m going to make this short.

For Holden’s birthday, i’ve told him many times that he can choose whatever he wants. I don’t think he’s ever understood that concept fully. He’s always insisted on ONE toy and one toy only. “Dr. Mater”
Well, we found Dr. Mater.. and no way is a $3.50 toy going to be the only thing we get him for his birthday. It’d be nice.. but it would be wrong. He deserves more than that.

So today during an outing with just Holden and I to get some quality alone time in together, I finally pounded it into his head that he can choose as MANY things as he wants for his birthday. He might not GET them all (which I didn’t tell him), but he can choose a bunch of things.

So now the list has expanded, and i’m writing it down here so that I don’t forget.

1. Dr. Mater
2. A new bed with a Cars blanket
3. Nitro-ade Hauler
4. Dragon Lightning McQueen (the big one that talks and lights up)

And that’s it so far! I have more ideas for him, though i’m sure he’ll come up with some more on his own in the next few months.

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