Baby playdate

Today was the first day Parker has EVER been around any child his age. Mostly because of sickness and not wanting to spread it around, but also because I really don’t have ANY friends with babies the same age. Around Holden’s age? Or at least close enough to play with? Tons. Parker though? Seriously lacking.

Well, FINALLY, a friend came into town to visit with a little one only about 2 weeks younger than Parker.

It’s nice to have someone around the same age to play with.. even though babies at this age really don’t play together. They don’t understand the concept. They just sit and stare.. and wonder what the hell this other baby is doing playing with something THEY were playing with first.
For the most part, though, it’s nice for Parker to be able to watch another baby do things he can’t do.. and maybe learn from them. You’d think he could learn from Holden.. but no. Only learns how to play with Cars from Holden (figures!)

This little one, Damian, can crawl, pull up, cruise.. babble, just ALL sorts of things Parker doesn’t do. I don’t know why, maybe sickness? I can’t explain it. The only thing Parker has up on him is waving and high-fiving. Typically i’d be jealous.. and maybe I am just a little- but I think watching Damian can do nothing but HELP Parker.
The whole day he just watched him, soaking it all in and looked like he was thinking “I wanna do that”.. so hopefully it will rub off.
ALTHOUGH.. I forgot how frustrating a crawling baby is. They want EVERYTHING. They want to crawl down the hallway, they want to pull books off of the shelf, they want to eat your food because they can get to it. Everything and anything, they’ll get it if you don’t watch out.

Even more surprisingly, Parker ate VERY well today with company around which is not normal in the slightest. Typically if anyone else is in the house, even Thomas, bottles are a bitch and solids are even worse. Today went well, and I am pleased. Now more babies can come over and I am confident things will move along swimmingly.
Bring your babies over! It’s play time in this house!

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