Almost 2 months out

Would you believe me if I told you that it’s been nearly 2 months since I was supposed to get my last depo shot (which I didn’t get).. and i’m STILL bleeding??
Well believe it- because it’s true! I almost can’t believe it myself. How did I get cursed with a birth control that won’t go away months after you stop using it?

I’d be totally ok with having super irregular cycles, i’ve grown used to that.. being as i’ve never had a ‘normal’ cycle in the first place. Occasional spotting? Sure.
Anything would be better than this crap. We’re on, what? 6 months of nonstop bleeding now? How is that even humanly possible?
Any time i’ve talked to the doctor about it they attempt to assure me it’s “normal” and will taper off over time.. and obviously that hasn’t happened, even without another shot in the arm to continue the hell.

In fact, I think the symptoms now are even worse than they were before. I am more bloated and disgusting than EVER. I have horrible sharp and random cramping, the nonstop bleeding at different levels of lightness/heaviness- and my mood leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. At this point, i’m thinking maybe even the boob pain which is still going strong is related to this awful hormone trapped in my body thanks to Depo. Way to make a girl feel as unattractive as possible!

Anything that tells you it’s going to store in your fat cells in order to be effective.. and possibly create MORE fat cells is NEVER something you should consider. In short- it means it will make it so you can never get rid of it.
Ha HA! I shall make MORE fat to live in and you’ll never be normal again!

I’m pretty sure my uterus has to be liquefied at this point. It’s been pumping crap out of me for so long it has to be worthless in other respects. Nothing can run on high for 6 months and come out completely unscathed.

I worry for future baby making.. NOT THAT I’M DEFINITELY GOING TO, but if I ever choose to go down that road again, because of all of this- i’m just not sure that’s going to be a possibility.

Really, I can’t stress this enough- DO NOT GO ON DEPO, EVER!

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