All my single ladies! Oh, and guys too

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Let’s see a show of hands- how many of my friends are still single? And to me single is unattached- you don’t have to be married to be off the market in my book!
We’re getting to that age, in my circle of friends, where everyone is beginning to pair off, get married and have kids. I was one of the first (being as I am one of the oldest), and it became sort of a domino effect. After me everyone started doing it (not saying I started a trend, more like my age just got to that barrier before everyone else)..
And I think there’s only a small few left without a “partner”.. or a kid.. or both. I don’t know that anyone feels left out- and some people are happy being single, but i’m sure there’s more than a handful of people I know out there feeling a little lonely these days- and going to bars to meet people just isn’t cutting it.
You might have tried the popular dating sites already and not gotten anything out of them (like a lot of people I know), regardless of how many matches and marriages they tout. It doesn’t happen for everyone like it does in the commercials. I still say finding a match online isn’t that bad of an option. You get to learn about the person before ever having to go through a horrible first date to figure out they aren’t compatible.. you don’t even have to talk to them first.

If you’ve tried all the sites and come up empty handed, there’s two sites left i can recommend to you to find normal local people.
Shop4Guys.com (for the ladies, of course.. and who doesn’t love shopping??) and Meetlocals.com
Join, browse, upgrade your account (like most sites have the option to, so do these) and find out more. It’s worth a shot right?

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