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EVERY week, by Friday i’m absolutely ready to tear my hair out. I’m SO glad it’s Friday that the feeling of relief is almost overwhelming. I can literally feel myself just sink into the couch once the kids are in bed and I know i’ll have peace and quiet until morning.

This week is unlike any other. We didn’t have a great week by any means. Holden crapping his pants and being incredibly defiant. Parker being a douche about bottles and whining because he just couldn’t poop? That’s a recipe for mommy insanity.
And typically the bad behavior and whining peaks on a Friday.. like they know Saturday i’ll have help so they amp it up on a Friday just to stick it to me.

Not today. Today the boys were SO well behaved I was shocked. Pod children again? Only the opposite of bad?

Or maybe i’ve just sort of accepted their actions as usual things from day to day and gotten used to it.

Parker wakes up and instead of getting a bottle these days, he gets solids instead. Went just fine. He was happy all through breakfast. Holden decided to use his spoon to eat his yogurt instead of making ME do it for once.
Then came first bottle of the day.. it didn’t go well. It hasn’t gone well in a while though. Come to think of it, first bottle of the day has almost NEVER gone well, no matter what time of day it is, no matter how far we push it back.. with very few exceptions, first bottle is a bitch. Point blank.
So maybe it was that I just accepted it and moved on.. or maybe it’s Parker’s age and that i’m sort of expecting him to wean himself out of certain bottles. To want more solids than bottles (and he’s never liked bottles anyways).
Still, Parker isn’t exactly normal.. so I have no idea if him refusing a bottle in the morning, his ONLY morning bottle is normal or ok or acceptable. If he didn’t get that bottle, he wouldn’t get one until after 1pm. He’d get two solid feedings, but I don’t know if that’s substantial enough.
Can’t really make him eat when he doesn’t want to though. So maybe either I should take it away completely, or just let him have a 3.5 ounce bottle and go about our day as usual. Maybe then he’d eat more at lunch.

Not that lunch is going badly, though. He’s eating a full stage 2 puree, and then today he had a few slices of tomato, some lunch meat, a little bit of bread, and some puffs. Plus water. Not bad. Not great calorie intake but an advancement in table food. And NO wretching all over himself like he used to do if I gave him table foods after purees.

We’re getting somewhere, slowly but surely. Parker is very iffy on table food, but doesn’t ever want to try the first bite unless I shove it in his mouth.. then he realizes it isn’t so bad and wants more. He was almost BEGGING for tomato slices. Just like big brother, who is obsessed with tomato. Lunch meat he isn’t so sure of but still ate it. And he’s inhaling his baby solids, like puffs, maple crunchies, and yogurt bites.

Holden was incredibly well behaved today, too. No crapping his pants, no random tantrums.. no waking Holden up from his naps by being ridiculously loud during quiet time. Just good behavior all around. Refreshing to say the least.
Holden was so good, in fact, that I promised him a shopping trip with me tomorrow. He loves shopping trips with Mommy. He picks things out he wants for his birthday without begging for them that instant. Definite plus. I like going out with just him.. quick, efficient, and works as bonding time.

Dinner time wasn’t great for Parker but we expected that. He really hates Gerber stage 2 “mixed veggies”, just like he hates ANYTHING with peas in it.
And I think i’ve also come to terms with the fact that he just doesn’t really want to crawl that much. He’s just fine with getting up on his hands and knees, scooting his knees forward, and launching himself repeatedly until he gets to his desired position. That position today was in my lap, where he rested his head on my leg and wanted me to rub his back. He did this over and over, just like a little puppy.. drooling the whole time. He got goosebumps every time I rubbed his back. So sweet.

Loving both my boys today.. not wanting to sell either one to the gypsies like I usually do by week’s end.
Doubting tomorrow will go as well, but a girl can dream!

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