10 products to always buy generic

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Have you ever sat down and thought about how much money you waste per year on name brand items?
We see them as high quality and shiny! Oh they’re name brand, they MUST taste/work better!

I can admit that a lot of store brand items compared to name brand do taste like a much worse version, but in a lot of cases- they’re exactly the same. And most people don’t know that because they just haven’t tried- thereby wasting money they could be saving every week, or spending on something else.

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The ones I agree with the most?

Over the counter medications. Seriously, go generic. They’re exactly the same. And with store brand, it’s less likely to get recalled over and over (AHEM: TYLENOL!)

Produce. I really don’t even understand the whole brand name fetish with things like apples and bananas. Unless you’re really into going organic and spending even more. As long as it’s fresh, it’s good. Why bother with the fancy sticker? I’ve had more rotten Chiquitas in the past few month than I EVER have any other no so fancy bananas.

My absolute favorite? BABY FORMULA. I’ve said it before and i’ve said it again- it is absolutely the same as super expensive name brand formula. If your baby’s stomach can tolerate it, buy it. You’ll be saving a BOAT LOAD of cash and giving your baby the same amount of nutrition as something $10.00 a can more expensive. Trust me. And if you don’t, look it up. Enfamil just recently lost a lawsuit against store brand formula for slandering them by saying they weren’t as good. Wrong!

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