Ugh, AGAIN? Seriously?

If you could pick ONE thing that is the LAST thing that needs to happen to my family again, what would it be?
Did you pick getting sick? ‘Cause that’s my first choice of the last thing i’d ever want.

And it would seem that i’m getting sick again. YAY! I thought it was just horrid allergies again because it started mid day with the back of my mouth itching so badly that I scratched with the back of my tongue until it was raw. And then spread to my throat hurting so badly that I can’t even touch the outside of it without searing pain.. and is now in my head and my stomach. Pain, nausea.. the works.
I feel like absolute death. Did I mention my left boob is KILLING me for reasons I don’t know? And now that itches too.

I’m falling apart!

I’m going to go lay down and hope this crap passes and doesn’t spread around this house like the past 3 viruses. Ugh. Put me out of my misery now!

Posted on June 6, 2010 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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