Total Recall

Over the past year, there have been more medicine recalls on tylenol and motrin then I can remember in my entire LIFETIME. It’s unreal. What are they doing to this medicine to make it so bad that they continually have to recall it?

For an adult, I guess it doesn’t really matter. There are a billion different options as far as pain relief goes out there. If there’s no tylenol or motrin on the shelves, who really cares? You just grab something else.. or an off-brand. It all works the same.

When it comes to small children and babies, though? Not NEARLY as many choices. In fact, there are a VERY slim few to choose from. The older they get the more there is.. but when you’ve got a sick baby- there’s two. Maybe some store brands if you’re lucky.

During the first recall we were in the clear, none of the bottles we had were part of it. Used those up, got new ones.. and then the 2nd recall happened.
Sure, Parker has been sick for a long time, but during the sickness he was only feverish for ONE day. So when that 2nd recall came along, I slacked on checking our bottles. Big mistake.

By the time I checked and found out BOTH our bottles of tylenol had been recalled, and the one bottle of motrin we had was expired- there was hardly anything left on the shelves. And when we FINALLY got the coupons to replace the recalled bottles- hardly anything turned to absolutely nothing.
And just the right timing too! Parker has been feverish for two days now, maybe more- and is absolutely miserable because of it. The one time we NEED some form of baby tylenol, there’s none to be found.
Yesterday when I took his temperature (no, we are not cool enough to have a forehead thermometer, as much as I covet them).. it got up to 99.4 before he decided to simultaneously poop and pee on me, effectively pushing the thermometer out of his butt. Lovely.
Today he was down to 99.1, but still obviously not feeling good. Bottles were a bitch to say the least.

And i’m not just referring to name brands. We’ve gone to 5 stores now, and not only are they not stocking tylenol or motrin, but all the store brand crap has been absolutely cleaned out. The shelves are sad and barren and look like they’ve been hit by a hurricane.

We called the doctor to explain the situation at hand, and asked if we could just give Parker a smaller dosage of Children’s ibuprofen (the only thing we could find for Holden). Big fat NO there. I don’t understand why. “It has to be infants.”
Yeah, why don’t YOU go out and try to find me some then. And while you’re at it- deal with my nonstop whining child.

Word of advice for all moms and moms to be: Do NOT buy name brand tylenol and motrin. Just don’t do it! Go with store brand. You will be thanking me when there is yet ANOTHER recall and you don’t have to worry about it because store brands never friggin’ get recalled and your whiny kid won’t have to be miserable, and therefore- neither will you.

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