Summer Fun Safety

Guest Post by Micah Williams

Summer is all about fun. Having fun and creating fun. Your family is ready to go; yet you are not sure that you are prepared enough when it comes to safety concerns. You may want to take a first aid class, or safety class to get you up to speed. If this is true, then set your adt alarm system and head out to class. Other important safety tips include:

Heat Safety – It will get hot this summer; make sure you are prepared with plenty of water and sunscreen. Do not allow your children to stay in the hot sun for too long of a time without giving them water and allowing them to rest.

Bicycle Safety – Helmets are essential. Your child – or even yourself, may not want to wear a helmet for one reason or another, but a bicycle helmet will keep you from having any major head injuries should you fall. Watching out for cars, as well as using proper hand signals and wearing proper attire is also essential in the safety of yourself and your children.

Skateboard and In-Line Skating Safety – Never allow your child to ride without a helmet. Conversely, make a rule where they are not allowed to ride near traffic, especially on a skateboard.

Following some of these simple tips will help ensure that your children have a safe summer, while still being able to do the activities they want to

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