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Month 9 is quickly approaching! 3/4 of a year. 3 months until 1 year old. 90 measly days.
Hard to believe, still. You’d think it would have felt longer with all we’ve been through, but I guess it only feels like a long time when you’re in the moment. The sickness has felt like forever, not so much his life.

The older he gets, of course the more we have to think about what he’s eating, what he SHOULD be eating- what he should be trying. What’s safe, what’s unsafe.. what to take the risk of gag reflex on for the purpose of practice.

There’s table food, which is risky business.. and then the easy stuff like Puffs and Mum Mums and Yogurt Bites and Biter Biscuits and a whole slew of other things your kid can chew on that with just a little bit of gumming, dissolves in their mouths.

And then.. there’s stage 3 baby food. According to the baby food manufacturers is for babies 9 months+.. but we’ve never had much luck with it in the past.
The consistency… is thick. Very thick. Like a paste. And then there’s the chunks of random crap throughout it. Chunks of meat that tastes more like dog food, chunks of pasta that isn’t really cooked, chunks of miscellaneous fruits that are a serious choking hazard.

I can’t for the life of me remember when we actually attempted that crap with Holden, I just remember him NEVER wanting anything to do with it. On taste alone, I don’t blame him.. but the chunks were the main problem. Lots of gagging, lots of choking, lots of crying. He just couldn’t handle it. I don’t think he EVER successfully ate stage 3 baby food, which leads me to wonder: will Parker?
Parker is a big fan of puffs and mum mums, but we’ve yet to have a good experience with any table food other than fries and potato chips (healthy!). Everything else he begs for, reaches for.. and then when he gets it, he cries and spits it out. The THICK stage 2 baby foods? Loathes them with a passion. He’d rather it be runny like a soup. Talk about a big disgusting mess.

I wish i’d started this blog much sooner because then I would have a detailed record of when we started Holden on certain things and how he did with them. Even though i’ve been through this stage of life once before, it’s like foreign territory to me now. I have NO idea what to give him or when to start him on things.. if we’re behind or ahead. You can never go by what websites say- they always use the most advanced babies to make you feel like your baby is way behind, therefore making you start things before they’re ready.
And i’m not so sure about the ‘readiness’ factor either. In certain cases, I feel like if you wait until they are ‘ready’.. they’ll just never BE ready.

Any moms with a 9 month old out there want to share some insight on what your little one is and isn’t eating? Feel like I should be the one to give advice, but i’m drawing a blank!

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  • Hey Jenny

    Here is what Tegan eats these days….

    purees – almost anything…chicken, beef, veggies, fruit, rice, beans. We make our own and if it’s smooth she will eat it. She is picky though. Last week she thought chicken was to die for, this week she wont even let a single spoonful enter her mouth. This week is black beans but who knows what tomorrows preference will be. She can smack the spoon out of my hand at lunch over something and then gobble it up for dinner (I think she was put on this earth to teach me patience!)

    Stage 2 jars of baby food – she cant do ones that have chunks of potato or carrot, for some reason those still make her choke. She can do some of the softer ones though.

    Solids – she LOVES banana cut up into chunks (~1cm cubes)and I stick a cheerio in each one because the bananas are sometimes too slippery for her to grab. Geez I sound ridiculous…yes I actually smoosh a cheerio into each banana chunk for her.

    Any bread-type food she will eat..pita, english muffin, random stale pieces off the end of the loaf, pancakes, mum-mums, arrowroot.

    Oatmeal, tofu, yogurt, She loves cottage cheese mixed with a bit of peaches.

    Here is our typical day…

    7:15 – bottle 6oz

    8:30 – breakfast: pankcake, 2oz fruit + oatmeal

    11:30 – bottle or sippy cup – she only takes 4oz

    1:00 – lunch: 4oz veggie+ meat/bean/rice, 2oz yogurt,
    some mum-mums or bread to keep her busy while I have lunch

    4:45 – dinner: 4oz veggie + meat/bean/rice, banana chunks in fruit or with cheerios,
    some arrowroots or bread to keep her entertained while we eat dinner.

    6:30 – 6oz bottle before bed.

    Has Parker cut his incisor tooth yet that you thought was coming in? Tegan has her bottom front teeth and has just yesterday cut her top left incisor. She has no top front teeth and I think she is going to look like a vampire baby with a fang! Oh well vampires are in style these days….

  • whew! quite a comment!
    Parker begged for bananas this morning but as soon as they touched his mouth it was THHPPPPPPP.
    the cheerio thing is actually a good idea.
    Bread is a no-go here. big choking hazard on that.

    he has cut NO other teeth. Top canines are super swollen.. but have been for weeks. As are the bottom gums around his middle two. Can’t believe no more have cut yet!

  • yes I probably should have just emailed. I think I was also drinking a glass of wine at the time which can make me more “chatty” 🙂

  • lol I don’t mind, it gives me ideas!