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A few weeks ago Thomas and I made “reservations” for the new spicy chicken sandwich at Chick Fila. Literally, a reservation. Had to go at a certain time, and we’d get a sandwich for each of us for free.
Since we love Chick-Fila.. and we love free- seemed like a big score. We made the reservation for Kids’ night so we could buy a meal, split the drink and fries, and get the free kid’s meal for Holden in the process. Score score score.

No this is not a promotion for Chick-Fila! I’m not being paid, and honestly after having the spicy chicken sandwich, I don’t plan on getting it again.
This is more a story of us for ONCE not getting screwed over.

Getting both kids out of the house at dinner time is a huge production. Have to make sure Parker either gets a bottle before we go, or we’re back in enough time for him to get one- because eating a bottle out is never a smart idea. Have to know whether or not the place we’re going has milk for Holden.. or whether or not we want to pay for milk when we could just bring a sippy from home. If Parker is going to eat solids out, we have to get him a jar and a bib and his spoon.

Thomas being his thoughtful self, left the house with the kids without helping me get together ANY of those things. So I had to rush to grab the printed reservations, grab Parker’s mostly eaten container of veggies from the fridge and then pick out another container in case he happened to finish the opened one.. grab a clean bib, dig through the dish drying rack for the spoon- all with my sunglasses dangling from my mouth. Made the executive decision to just let Holden drink the milk that came with his kids meal (sometimes we just save them for at home since he likes to spill milk on himself at restaurants) when I realize I had no more room in my hands. I think I may have drooled on myself a little scrambling to get all of that crap.

The Chick Fila our reservations were at is pretty new. Still, EVERY chick fila in this damn area is usually SLAMMED at 7pm. Especially on Kids Night. I expected there to be a huge line, no tables.. and no way in hell would there be a booth (with 2 kids, one who doesn’t like to sit still in regular chairs a booth is our #1 choice).
Wrong. The place was pretty empty. Except we noticed all the booths on the left side were “reserved”
What the hell. Reserved for who??

We get in the check out line, put in our order- and they tell us not only do we get free small drinks with our free sandwiches- but that the reserved tables? They’re for us. Sweet!
We got an entire side of the restaurant all to ourselves.. but it was for a more sinister purpose.
It was so Chick Fila employees could hover over us the entire time to see how we liked their new spicy sandwich. Evil genius.
Not that I mind someone coming to check if we need anything, but after the 5th time in 10 minutes it got a little old. The only plus was that the guy gave us two MORE free sandwich vouchers. We’ll never have to pay for Chick Fila again!

The spice sandwich? Has a pretty good kick to it. I’m not big into spicy but I handled it pretty well until the last 4 bites. Deadly. Couldn’t taste anything but burning in my mouth. Finished my entire drink (not the small, but the one that came with the combo)- which never happens.

Possibly even better than free sandwich vouchers? The fact that any time we feed Parker solids in public he tends to inhale them. The kid LOVES people watching. Unlike his bottles, where he needs absolute concentration- with his solids he has to be distracted. Not easy to do at home. All the loud music and shaking of toys in his face and dancing around like a damn fool in the world doesn’t seem to distract him enough to eat very much. In public? Endless sources of weird people and goings-on to stare at. Ate the entire jar of left overs and 1/3 of the new jar I brought “just in case.” Big deal for him. Makes me tempted to NEVER cook again and just take the kid out every night.. but that’s economically impossible.

And then came the Chick Fila cow. Usually a source of horror and fear for Holden when it gets anywhere near him.. he was totally amped on going to see the cow (as long as I was holding his hand). He even tried to push his way through the crowd to get to it.
The cow put out his hand and Holden instinctively knew to give it a high-five. He said hello, gave the cow a hug- and then waved goodbye. Sweetest thing to witness, especially after the Santa horror of 2009.

All in all a good night. Got in and out and back home before bath time.. and my mouth isn’t burning anymore. Half expected to have my first heart burn experience after that, but luckily i’m free and clear thus far.

Chick Fila? Awesome. Spicy Chicken Sandwich? Meh. Stick with the original, can’t go wrong!

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