Return of the Pod Toddler, aka Poddler

It must be some sort of karmic retribution for smiling to myself whenever I see a toddler throwing an absolute fit in public because Holden is rarely EVER like that.. because every now and then he has a span of a few days where he is the absolute biggest monster on the face of the earth.

Either the real Holden gets kidnapped and I get alternate reality Holden, or he realizes he isn’t as big of an asshole on a regular basis and decides to cram it all in to one weekend to make up for it. The terrible two-er in him has been on hiatus for quite some time.. so when it reared its ugly head this weekend, it was in absolute full force. Hell on wheels. Complete monster child.

There wasn’t a single second of either day where he wasn’t whining or crying or throwing an absolute fit about nothing at all.

I want to go potty, no I don’t want to go! I’m gonna run away! No, now I need to go- TAKE ME! I want to be carried EVERYWHERE and if you don’t carry me i’m going to scream like i’m dying! I’m going to punch the air when I get mad and pretend i’m actually hitting you. I’m gonna run in my room and slam the door (good thing the door sticks and he can’t actually slam it). I’m gonna freak out when it’s time to get out of the car and refuse to come inside.
For the first time ever we actually had to take him OUT of a store until he stopped freaking out and throwing himself on the ground like a maniac (something he’s never done.. not in public anyways).

There’s only so much of that crap any adult can take. Especially when there’s no break between random hyperventilating meltdowns that spawn out of nowhere.

It came to a head tonight when I had to take drastic measures to get it through his head that his behavior is absolutely unacceptable. I did something i’ve never done in my few years as a parent.
I sent his ass to bed. No, not without dinner.. I don’ think I could do that and sleep well thinking about him being hungry. I sent him to be without a bath. We got home from my brother’s, and immediately he was sent to bed. No playing in the shower with his brand new bath toys (which he’d been looking forward to all day).
He was not pleased at all. And i’m feeling crappy about it because I hate seeing him so upset.. plus this means he’s probably going to stink tomorrow (he’s never gone to bed without a shower. Always smells daisy fresh).

Hopefully this will have scared him straight so to speak. Hopefully he’ll wake up my sweet polite Holden and not this evil Poddler that’s taken over his body. The next step is taking away ALL of his Cars and making him earn them back with good behavior.. and that could go one of two ways: open the gates of hell, or actually make him stop acting like a brat- not sure I want to take the chance there.

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