Put me in a test tube already!

I’ve written about many times before about how I make a little pocket change from doing surveys online after the boys go to bed. Typically.. you do surveys ALL night to earn just a couple of bucks. When you can watch TV and facebook and all those other fun things at the same time as making money, it really doesn’t seem like that much of a hardship- but it’s still very time consuming.

The big way to earn money is to make yourself a human guinea pig for products. You try things out for a certain amount of time and then get paid handsomely for basically nothing.
Those tests are hard to get into though.
I’ve signed up for a number of them but never received anything in the mail to try it out. Usually they fill up pretty quickly. Getting free stuff AND getting paid for using it? You better believe people are ALL over that.

I’ve signed up for baby wipes, food.. all kinds of things. The one I WON’T do is medication. I’m not that desperate. Still, i’d hoped to get some free things out of the deal. One Kraft Mac & Cheese study said they’d be overnighting me some food to try out and over a week went by and nothing. Oh well!

Today I got bombarded. The doorbell rang so many times I really thought a home invasion was happening.
The first time was a big heavy box full of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash. All from Herbal Essences with a new fragrance or some crap they want me to try. I don’t recall EVER signing up for that. Mostly because I have extremely sensitive skin and have to use unscented everything on it in order not to break out in horrible rash in the winter time when my skin is dry anyways. Hair wash? Sure, i’ll use it- as long as it’s for color treated hair.. since my hair is the ONLY thing I really spend money on and I don’t want to ruin it. Of course, the lotion is all extremely scented, and the shampoo & conditioner doesn’t say anything about being color safe.. just “NEW FRAGRANCE!”
Considering i’m getting my hair done next weekend, I decided it was worth the risk.. my hair looks like crap right now anyways. And i’ll make a buttload of cash from it.. so why not?
The lotion? Well.. it’s summer.. and I haven’t smelled GOOD in so long without the help of perfume that maybe my skin has finally stopped being a whore and can handle it. Either way- I could at least BS my way through the survey if I have some kind of reaction and still make some money.

And a few hours later, the doorbell rang AGAIN. Another heavy box. Ended up being two boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese.. both look like the same box of stuff, but considering one says “use first” and the other says “use second” i’m guessing they’re trying to play a fooly on me just to see if I notice the difference.. or actually use it.

I’ve already had ONE bad experience from something I received in the mail for a survey. It was a DVD I was told to make Holden watch. It was the WORST THING I’D EVER SEEN!!! Take Yo Gabba Gabba and Teletubbies and put them together.. and this was worse. And I had to watch it for over an hour, only to go to the survey and be told the quota was full. I decreased mine and Holden’s IQs for nothing!

So to say i’m a skeptic.. would be a slight understatement. At least with the hair wash and body wash etc, and the kraft mac & cheese, they’re things I would use anyways. That DVD was pure hell on earth and I got NOTHING for it but a numb brain and Holden whining about how he didn’t want to watch it. Google “In the night garden” and try to get through five minutes of the non-speaking jibber jab before you are forced to turn it off in fear of brain melting side effects.

We’ll see how these two current studies go. At least i’ll smell good even if my skin breaks out in rash.. and at least my tummy will be full even if I shit myself crazy.. ’cause who knows what is ACTUALLY in those discrete boxes.

Once I get through them in one piece, i’ll let you know whether they’re worth it or not. For now, i’ll just tell you to sign up for Freebies4Mom (freebies4mom.blogspot.com and no, you don’t have to be a mom) for free samples without worry of growing a second head or turning strange colors or crapping out your intestines. So far so good with them! Free, and no strings attached.

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