Parental Jealousy

We as Moms all think our babies are just the most special, beautiful, advanced super baby genius in the WHOLE world. No other baby can compare. Don’t try and tell us another baby is cuter. It will be met with pure wrath.
What can explain it other than love is blind? No matter how much we think our baby is numero uno- there’s most likely always going to be another baby out there who is cuter, or ‘more advanced.’

I tell people all the time not to worry about when your kid does something. If they’re “late” doing something by what doctors tell you are the milestones they should be reaching- it’s really not that big of a deal. They all do things at completely different paces. Just because your baby isn’t walking at 10 months old “like all the other babies” doesn’t make them less smart, or slow. Maybe stubborn, but not slow.

And as much as I dish out this sage advice at least once a month.. hell, as much as I know it’s true from experience (with how ‘late’ Holden did all things in the mobile category and is now just like every other kid his age)- it doesn’t stop me from worrying or grumbling when I hear about other babies doing things Parker is nowhere NEAR doing.

Why is it we can never take our own advice?

Not that I believe every parent that brags about what their little super genius is doing.. I find that I call BS on 95% of it, but it still bugs me.
“Oh my baby can’t crawl, but pulls up on everything!”
“well MINE is already cruising across furniture!”
“Well MINE can do back flips and recite the alphabet in english AND spanish”

Right.. And baby farts smell like cotton candy. Yeah sure, I can buy that babies are pulling up- but I don’t like to hear about it.
Parker? Most days he refuses to even sit on his own without going flying to the left or right. Oh I know he CAN do it, he just won’t. Has no interested in doing anything to furniture but smacking it or licking it.

Sure, he’s smart. He likes to play with puzzles and roll Holden’s cars along the floor.

Still, when you hear ONE thing another baby or child the same age as your little one is doing that yours doesn’t do? It will urk you, no matter how small. Even when you know it’s no big deal. Even if you know the mom bragging is blowing smoke out of their ass.

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  • thank you jenny for this blog tonight. with all the facebook bragging going on, it seemed like jordan was behind all the other babies born around ours too! he too, like parker, doesn’t really sit. he will sometimes really well, but other times, it’s like he’s too lazy!