The obsession intensifies

Ohhh ‘Cars’, how you have infiltrated and infected my life! Everywhere I look is ‘Cars’, i’m lucky I haven’t slipped and broken my neck on one of Holden’s ‘Cars’ toys yet.
And somehow.. the obsession is only growing and expanding and finding a life of its own. All Holden plays with is ‘Cars’ toys, all he talks about is ‘Cars’ (and occasionally “The Dragon Movie” and Toy Story thrown in there for variety). All he WANTS is ‘Cars.’

I’m not doing anything to stop this ridiculous obsession. In fact, I think i’m the biggest enabler.

But it didn’t start with me. I didn’t even realize that it didn’t start with me until I started looking around and realizing just how much ‘Cars’ crap we have that I didn’t have any part in the purchasing process of.

The first piece we got was from freecycle, believe it or not. I think we went to pick up coupons or something small.. and this really nice lady just threw in a BUNCH of other stuff for us that she’d never used and didn’t need. One of those things was a pack of Cars bowls. And I didn’t even notice they were Cars bowls until the Cars obsession was in full force here.. Actually I think Holden noticed it before me.

The second was given to Thomas by a coworker because his kid is “too old” to play with it. A big, light up, talking Mater. Holden carried that thing around for WEEKS nonstop..

And then Parker got sick. And after spending 5 hours at the doctors office with no food and no nap.. I took Holden to Walgreens for a special gift, thinking i’d just get some a matchbox car or something else little when I spotted a diecast Lightning McQueen. I knew then he had to have it.

It’s been downhill ever since. We went to the doctor SO often that he very quickly had about 10 of them. And then we started using them as bribes to not piss his bed. And now I just sort of LIKE to buy them. I don’t give them to him right away, mind you.. but it quickly became an obsession between me and a few other friends to go out and find EVERY single one we didn’t have. And it gets challenging to find new ones, rare ones, ones you’ve never even heard of before.. or one you’ve been looking for for FOREVER and finally see.
Any time we go out I force Thomas to make a stop at Target or Walmart or Toys R Us so I can see what they’ve got.

I have a stock pile right now or TEN on top of my fridge just waiting for Holden to earn them. Every 3 days he goes dry (and he hasn’t pissed his bed a single time since we got him Cars underwear). I figure even if I keep buying them.. and he doesn’t earn them- his birthday is in 4 months and he’d crap his pants in happiness if he got an assload of Cars all at once.

I think he already has about 30 he plays with every day, that he knows the specific names of.. that he knows if a SINGLE one is missing. Plus the 10 on top of the fridge.. and the ones i’m sure i’ll buy next weekend when we go out. He has Cars pajamas, Cars sippy cups, Cars underwear, Cars t-shirts, other random Cars toys we’ve collected along the way..

And the newest addition? The Lightning McQueen potty. Probably a bad idea.
He desperately needed a new one. The one he has, he’s had since he STARTED potty training at 13 months old. It’s not big enough for his chunky ass.. and now no matter how much we wash it, it’s still absolutely disgusting. It had to go.
The Lightning McQueen one was honestly about the same price as any other one that seemed big enough for him to sit on, and had the removable seat for the adult toilet (even though that’s just too much work while i’m at home with Parker, and too much work to carry around in public. I’d rather him be able to go and sit himself down and come and get me when he’s done).

The first thing he wanted to when we got home was take a pee on it. And then he wanted to go again, and again.. in a row. There was no pee left. That led to a 30 minute hissy fit of gigantic proportions.
And even though this potty is big enough for him.. he somehow manages to get even MORE piss all over the floor than the smaller potty. This was a problem I was hoping to stop by getting a bigger potty. I’m SO sick of cleaning piss off of my freshly mopped floor. Had to have done it at least 5 times today.
Did I mention this thing has a shifting stick on the side of the potty that makes a revving sound when you push it down? Holden is convinced this means he’s flushing it. Don’t I wish.

The obsession lives on! And I only see it getting stronger as time goes by.. and especially when the next Cars movie comes out at the end of next year.

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