Night Off

I’m not sure why it is when I take a night off that I decide to EXPLAIN why i’m taking a night off instead of just doing so- essentially making it so i’m not technically taking a night off..
Suppose I feel loyal to those of you who are nice enough or interested enough to come to this blog on a regular basis and read it.

I WILL, however, make it short.

The boys are both sick again, and I feel like total crap still. Seems like the same symptoms as last time. Painful cough, weakness, headache, nose so inflamed I can’t really blow it so it just stays stuffy..
There’s just one big difference: Parker ain’t happy this time around. No more “I’m sick? Coulda fooled me!” attitude.
Ohhhh no. It’s whine whine whine, don’t put me down! I don’t want solids! Whine whine, hack hack whine.
After him being mutant baby and Holden being sick and turning BACK into Poddler X 10… I need a break. Even if just a small one.

Going to have myself an adult drink, sit back.. and maybe eat a bowl of home made cookie dough. I won’t feel good about that tomorrow, but it’ll do the trick for tonight.

Posted on June 22, 2010 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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