My new arch nemesis: solids

While taking into account that Parker IS indeed sick, yet again, and I hear from sources all over that sick babies don’t want to eat- I STILL have to say that he is the most confusing,complicated, and frustrating baby when it comes to eating.

And i’m not referring to bottles. Those I KNOW are always going to suck. Even at their best they’ll always be MEH.. but for a good stretch there, solids were kicking bottles’ ass in ease of eating and amount. Not that it’s hard to beat bottles.. but you know what I mean.

For a while he would gobble down an entire stage 2 container each sitting (which is 3 times per day).. sometimes even MORE. That always shocked me, but happily shocked. He ate so much of his solids at each feeding, that I even started to not mind him having crappy bottles. He’s almost 9 months old, 3 months away from no more bottles at all- so other than the lack of weight gain- who cares about bottles? They’re supposed to start curbing their bottle feedings at this age anyways. Seemed like a huge score.

And then he started to loathe his high chair. Not during snack time, he loves just sitting in his high chair, nomming on Puffs.. but when you try and get a spoonful of solids near his mouth you’d think the sky was falling down with how he reacted. Most days i’d have to pull him out of the high chair, put him in my lap, and try and feed him that way. Being that his back was to me, it probably got more food ON him than IN him, but at least it sort of worked.
Then it morphed into him spitting out all of his food instead of swallowing ANYTHING. Literally raspberrying out all food and thinking it was hilarious.. and then screaming like I was killing him when I gently told him “no.”
That went on for two days.. and then sickness set in and solids are not happening at ALL. He won’t even let you put him in that high chair if he knows it’s time for solids. Instant freak out. It takes being held, walking around the house, looking out windows, and bouncing for 30 minutes to get a decent amount of solids into him. It gets the job done but it is SO frustrating. You get the floor and yourself and Parker covered in whatever he’s eating. I’ve just learned to live with being crusty at this point instead of getting mad about it.

I’m just not sure if this is a normal solid/ high chair hating stage, or if it’s due to him getting sick again. Either way- no good at all.
Always seems like as soon as we start to see a real improvement, something like this happens and takes us right back to square 1. Six months of back and forth now, the end HAS to be in sight.

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