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Out of all the burning questions I have running through my mind on a daily basis- there is one that has just never been answered. Seperation between men and women? Who knows. Either way I find it a tad unfair:
Why can’t men wear makeup? Why isn’t there a mens cosmetics line?

Look, i’m not talking blush and mascara and eyeliner (lovingly dubbed guyliner, gag) or eyeshadow. I just mean something like concealer.
Why is it that as opposite sexes, we each get blemishes- and as women we’re allowed to cover them up to keep others from being too disgusted to get within kissing distance of us, but men can’t do the same? It’s not as if we’re LESS disgusted by their zits as they are by ours. I think it’s an equal amount of disgust running both ways. Yet we can easily dab on some makeup, hide it, an go on our seemingly blemish-free way.

I can’t imagine being a man and having to walk around with zits in clear view. Maybe that means i’m not comfortable in my own skin, if that’s how you want to see it, I just see it as not wanting to look nasty and people seeing me look nasty.
I feel bad for men. No mens makeup ? Unfair!

Well things just got a little MORE fair. There IS such a thing as a men’s concealer stick, from a company called ‘The Men Pen.’
No more staring at your boyfriends volcano zits! No more canceling dates because of a break out. Just cover that crap up like we do!
It comes in 17 different shades and you can use it on the exact same things I use my concealer stick on. Blemishes, red spots, rough spots- even moles if you so choose.

Please, men, do it for your ladies. Make the world a prettier place.

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