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Now is about the time, give or take a week where I should be going in to getting my next Depo shot. Do you think i’m sucker enough to go in for a third injection of that vile fluid? Ohhhhhh no!
Fool me once, shame on you. Twice? Shame on me. THREE TIMES? I might as well walk head on into traffic. I’m not that dense. I learned my lesson after 5 months of pure hell (since the first was blissful ignorance).
My OBGYN keeps saying it will get better, the bleeding will get lighter. That was 3 months ago. It’s really only gotten worse. It just keeps GOING.
Lies! All lies!

And being the tiny part conspiracy theorist that I am, I started putting events in my life together in accordance with Depo.

Life went to HELL when I got Depo.

For example: The DAY I got my first shot? Was the day Parker got sick, was taken to the doctor, and spent 5 hours there where they scrambled to figure out what the hell was wrong with him. A process that lasted the entire time i’ve been on Depo. And now that it’s nearing the END of its’ reign of terror? Parker is getting better. Coincidence?? I THINK NOT!
Depo has made me even a more irritable person than I already am. Or maybe that’s just having a kid who has or maybe HAD been sick for so long.. either way, all Depo’s fault.
Phantom boob pain? On and off cramping? Constant headaches? Weight gain ONLY in the waist area despite exercising 5 days a week and dieting? Mmhmm, that’s all Depo.

I can’t WAIT for this crap to wear off. It’s too damn bad I have no idea when that will be. See, the way I hear it- either it doesn’t work at ALL and women get pregnant on the stupid thing (i’ve known 2 personally it’s happened to), or it works SO well that it doesn’t wear off for 2 years.. causing all kinds of fertility problems for anyone who is planning on having kids in the near future.
Obviously the first isn’t me, considering how active my uterus has been… And while I have absolutely NO plans on having kids in the next few years if at all- but do I want this stupid drug messing with my lady parts on that kind of level? Oh hell no. Especially if that means i’ll be bleeding for even longer. I think I might die, literally, from blood loss. This can’t be healthy!

How about tomorrow? How does that sound for the day this shit finally lets me be ME again, and releases its’ evil hold over this house? Make it happen!

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