It returns

I knew it couldn’t be gone forever. I didn’t actually expect to get such a long break in between. It’s back, with a vengeance: Teething.
Or at least.. I think it’s teething.

Parker has all the signs of it.. well, all but the main one. He’s been fussing nonstop for 2 days now. Won’t let me put him down even for a few minutes or he’ll whine like there is no tomorrow. I am exhausted. Every day ends with a searing headache. I’m sure Parker doesn’t feel much better though. He’s taking everything he can find and shoving it in his mouth.. which I guess isn’t unusual for him- but he’s gnawing at crap like a rabid dog- and nothing seems to satisfy the urge.
Orajel is really only effective for a few minutes and you’re not supposed to just keep putting it in their mouth over and over. The adult kind is just as ineffective. Sad. What’s the point of stopping the pain if it only wears off 5 minutes later?

His poops have become completely insane. They were already pretty bad due to his antibiotics and their “increased motility” side effect. His butt has been a cannon for weeks now.. but teething poop has to be one of the most foul substances on the face of the earth. Runny.. mucousy.. and the stench can not be described in words. Once a day I might be able to stomach but his butt has been exploding 3 times a day at least.. and he especially loves to do it in the middle of a bottle. Nothing like feeling warm liquid poop rumble against your stomach while you’re trying to feed a baby. The fear sets in that perhaps it’s leaked onto your clothes and then you can’t concentrate on anything else.

The only sign he DOESN’T have? Red swollen gums. Nowhere in sight. He’s always been a bumpy gummed baby which has made for a lot of teething confusion. I can see certain teeth slowly inching down/up to the surface- but at an alarmingly slow rate. Seems like he’s been working on the same ones for months now. It’s not to say that the gums have to be red and swollen in order to bother a baby- but generally when the teething is this intense, they’re close enough to the surface to be causing some irritation. At least if I saw that i’d know my arms would be getting a much needed rest soon because the teeth would be cutting.. but not seeing them? I live in fear that it will be weeks of this crap before we get any relief.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate teething? I want to fall asleep right here on the spot. Already conked out once earlier when I let Holden stay up a little late to watch the Pixar Shorts on tv.

Sleep is calling my name.

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