"I’m not sick mommy, I feel good!"

As much as I wish that statement were true.. it’s purely fiction.

Holden woke up screaming “DADDDYYYYYYYY!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” at some ridiculous time this morning.. which isn’t totally unusual for him. He does that every now and then. What IS unusual is the fact that having Thomas go to him did NOT calm him down, he just started freaking out more. He freaked out so much, in fact, that not only did he hyperventilate, but he peed all over Thomas. Lovely.

Once Thomas finally got him calmed down, he brought him into our room to give me a kiss goodnight and before he even got within a few inches of me I could feel the heat coming off of his skin. That’s how hot the kid was.

Did we have any medication to give him?? NO! Because it was all RECALLED and the stores have NOTHING on the shelves still.

We thought MAYBE Holden would sleep it off.. he has a pretty intense immune system- but he woke up even hotter. He got into bed with me and couldn’t even put blankets on him he was so hot. “My eyes hurt, mommy”
So at 7:45 in the morning, Thomas ran out to the grocery store to attempt to redeem our free tylenol/motrin coupons from the crap we had that was recalled. Grocery store? NOTHING! CVS? NOTHING!

The CVS manager spots Thomas searching the isles endlessly and asks him what he’s looking for. Thomas explains that our son is very sick and he can’t find ANY tylenol for him. The manager tells him to just pick up the store brand and bring it to the register and he’ll honor the coupons. Cool. So Thomas takes them to the register and the manager not only gives him the medicine for free, but gives him the Tylenol coupons BACK! Super score! Mega amounts of tylenol for free!

We’re lucky that Holden isn’t one of those kids (yet) that hates taking medicine. He actually LOVES it. Gulps it down and says “yummy!”
Probably because he sees Parker get medicine so often that he feels left out since he gets nothing but probiotics anymore.

We’re also lucky that Holden isn’t like a normal “man” in that he milks every sickness like it’s the end of the damn world.
Last time we all got so sick we couldn’t function (RSV not included since Parker never acted sick, just was) was when I was about 2 months pregnant and we all got the stomach flu. Holden first, who vomited all night long, and then me.. who vomited for 15 hrs straight. I begged Thomas to stay home the next day so that I could rest.. and I ended up taking care of recovering Holden anyways because Thomas had a “tummy ache” and spent the day napping on the couch, when I was so weak I could barely move and had the after-flu shits.

Unlike Thomas, Holden continued to insist he felt “good” all day, that he “wasn’t sick anymore!” even though he was still VERY hot all day, would hardly drink any liquid, and wouldn’t pee either. I gave both boys a double dose of probiotics just to give their immune systems a super defense against this crap. Parker does NOT need to be catching ANYTHING else ANY time soon!

Other than acting like a super-turd, Holden didn’t exhibit any signs of the fever he clearly had all day long. I could tell he wasn’t feeling quite himself when I put him down for a nap and I could hear him pounding on the walls multiple times when typically he sleeps right through until I have to wake him up so he won’t pee the bed. I went in this time a little later than usual since I knew he hadn’t been sleeping and he refused to get out of bed. Very unusual. 45 minutes go by and I go back in and he STILL doesn’t want to wake up, but begrudgingly does so. Doesn’t want a snack, though. Doesn’t want to pee, either.

I give him some pedialyte, which we call “sick juice”.. we got the unflavored kind last time because NEITHER kid will drink anything juice flavored.. and he made the most disgusted face i’d ever seen. Didn’t understand how, it’s supposed to taste just like water.
It wasn’t until dinner time when I finally decided it was ok for him to have milk instead of pedialyte and water that I understood why he refused the “sick juice.”
I was trying to figure out which sippy had water, and which had pedialyte. By smell, I couldn’t tell.. so I took a sip. OMFG WORST THING EVER!!!! Unflavored pedialyte tastes like spoiled milk!!! It’s no wonder he refuses to drink it! EW!

He hardly touched his dinner without coaxing and went to bed still with a fever. Just hoping we don’t have a repeat of last night where he wakes up freaking out and pissing all over everyone and everything. Poor baby. Also hoping I kept Holden away from Parker enough to NOT get Parker sick. Those kids stick together like white on rice. It’s nearly impossible to detach them.. so i’m not sure my diligence in the matter was enough. It definitely wasn’t easy keeping Parker occupied when I wouldn’t let Holden within a foot of him.

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