I found you, sneaky teeth!

Remember yesterday when I said I couldn’t find the teeth that were mysteriously plaguing Parker and turning him into a whiny butt explosion machine?
They are no longer getting by me anymore! I found those sneaky suckers. And they’re definitely not the ones I expected.

I guess Holden had a weird tooth explosion pattern. Not all kids get the same ones after another, but for the most part there’s a pattern. Bottom two, top canines, top middle, bottom incisors, bottom canines.. or something similar.
Holden’s went bottom two, top middle two, bottom incisors, top incisors, bottom AND top canines at the same time. All before he was a year old.

Here Parker is at over 8 months old with only two teeth. Baffling. I thought teething was sort of hereditary? If you teethed early, your kids usually will. Leave it to Parker to buck the trend.

Although I can see a bunch of teeth slowly moving through his gums.. nothing swollen to speak of.. Until today while he was throwing an absolute fit. That’s when I saw them. Top canines. Red, swollen.. painful looking.

Great, so my baby is destine to be a vampire!

And then I see the top two middle teeth have moved down even closer to the surface as well. Not red or swollen yet, but they are definitely making a noticeable descent.
Ok, so.. now he’s going to look like a Bulldog once this round of teething is through with him. Especially with his devious upper gum filled smile.

I’ve learned from experience though- the ones that are red and swollen may not always be the ones to pop through first. They can remain red, swollen, evil, and pain causing for WEEKS.. and other teeth you never expected will randomly burst through the gums first. It’s mystifying really.

I still don’t really understand teething. At least not for teeth you’re only going to lose in 6 years anyways. What the hell is the point in going through SO much pain for something temporary? Guess the same could be said for piercings- but at least that’s voluntary.

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