Hindsight is 20/20

So much to do tonight. One of those times where EVERYTHING has backed up on me. I have to keep up with all my Craigslist postings, e-mail people back who have shown interest in something and e-mail others who are continually asking me about things that have been sold and I just haven’t had the time to respond. AND all the things i’ve yet to post and should because they’re not only cluttering our house but we could always use the money.

I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry to do. Probably TWICE as big as the time I wrote an entire blog on how much laundry I had to do.

The house is an absolute disaster area. Worse than usual. Holden might not be a Poddler anymore, but he is more destructive than ever. Tearing boxes apart, throwing cars across the room, flipping things upside down that are not meant to be upside down.. and the ever popular: taking things out and not putting them back.

Even with all of that, and a TON of other things to do.. all I can think about is how pissed I am at Depo.
I really think I should be able to sue them for damages for ruining ALL of my underwear. Even the nice new ones I recently bought when I didn’t want to spend money but needed to.
Now I have to go out and RE-buy all new underwear because not all the Resolve with OXY POWER! can remove the havoc Depo has forced my body to wreak on them.
I just think about all the other things i’d rather spend the money on.. or NEED to be spending the money on.. or could be saving it, than more new underwear.
Sure, new underwear is nice to have- makes you feel pretty.. but I JUST BOUGHT SOME!

Seriously, Depo needs to reimburse me. This is ridiculous. It already makes me feel gross and insecure enough to have been bleeding for SO long, but then to have to wear ruined underwear because that’s all there is? I feel absolutely disgusting.

I can’t say it enough- NEVER go on Depo! NEVER!!! It should be taken off of the market and the headquarters burned to the ground and then have blood stained underwear thrown all over the ashes.

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