Scattered throughout the nightmares I am still having every single night of the week (yes, it’s just another thing I blame Depo for!).. every now and then there’s a relatively normal dream. I think that’s the only thing keeping me sane when I wake up drenched in sweat and almost too scared to close my eyes again in fear the dream will pick up where it left off. Usually after that experience is when the normal dream kicks in.
More often than not I don’t remember them.. or I do right when I wake up and then I lose all recollection.

Last night’s stuck with me. It just seemed so REAL, and I wanted it to be real so much.. that when I woke up and it wasn’t it was a kick in the teeth. Not that I REALLY expected it to happen overnight, but I thought maybe it was a good omen of things to come.

The dream was that miraculously Parker got up on his knees and instantly took off and started making the entire house his domain. That in itself is improbable. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a baby get up onto their knees and start crawling in the same day. Usually they air hump for a while and then figure out they can move forward.

No luck. Parker has become the master of spinning himself in circles on his stomach until eventually he makes his way to whatever it is he’s been reaching for.. but it seems like a lot of work for not a lot of payoff.

Instead of Parker crawling I log onto facebook to see that fifty more babies a month younger than Parker are crawling instead. Grumble.

I’m not mad at Parker. That would just be ridiculous. And i’m not mad at anyone else, because it isn’t their fault- but as i’ve said before- it’s ANNOYING and frustrating to hear about other kids doing things yours isn’t doing.
And we’re not even close!

We’re going to go into Parker’s 9 month appointment and be asked “Well, is he doing this and this and this?” and the answer is going to be “no, no, and not even close”- and it’s going to seriously depress me. I hate milestones.

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  • hahaha…I had to laugh when I read tonights blog because Tegan just mastered the spin around in a circle yesterday. It’s all she can do and it frustrates both her and I 🙂 I also had a Dr.s appt for her today and double checked with my doctor because she’s down to 16oz of formula a day. He said it wasnt anything to be concerned about. Tegan and Parker are determined to do things on their way on their own time!

  • two peas in a pod our two!

    Parker’s at around 23ish a day.. but he has barely gained weight from his 6 month appointment so I don’t think he could handle less!

    The weirdest thing is he can TOTALLY crawl while he’s on the bed. He buries his face, puts that butt in the air and pushes with his legs and can get ANYWHERE and QUICKLY. Can’t take your eyes off of him.
    But put him on carpet and he totally forgets he can do it. Or maybe it’s because he got rug burn on his nose a few weeks back and knows better now lol