The germs, they’ll get you

When I awoke this morning, I felt as though i’d swallowed a handful of razor blades- and then gotten his by a bus.
Translation: Not good. Not good at ALL.

I attempted to drag myself out of bed, walk around in a disgusting haze for the first ten minutes and then went into a coughing fit. The kind that makes you just want to fall over and die. Every cough hurt my throat so bad I had to groan in pain afterward, which didn’t exactly feel too good either.
Started to try and make breakfast, more coughing. Not good to cough a sick cough into an un-sick kid’s food.
That’s when Thomas came back into the kitchen and took over an announced he’d been working from home today. He wasn’t exactly happy about it, but I think he knew there was no way I could get through the day alone without either freaking out, passing out, or getting the kids sick.

Nothing seemed to keep the coughing at bay. I tried these old scary looking throat lozenges that had been sitting in Thomas’ coat pocket since the LAST time we all got sick- no help.

During bottle time I had a coughing fit so bad that it ruined Parker’s concentration, thus ruining the bottle. I was not pleased. Neither was he.

I heard Thomas making himself some coffee (since he typically drinks about 1o cups a day at work and doesn’t seem to think he can function without it) and asked him to make me some and mix it with hot cocoa (regular coffee makes me want to dry heave. Wouldn’t really be beneficial to someone with a sore throat). That helped my throat immensely. Unfortunately, it is extremely high in calories.. and so on top of the hazy disgusting feeling I had, I also felt fat. YAY! But at least I wasn’t coughing.

All day I was washing my hands, and using hand sanitizer.. but I guess my germs are so evil that by mid day, both kids who were NOT coughing this morning were randomly hacking as well. Joy. Soon the whole house will be miserably sick again, and I wouldn’t doubt if it went around in a vicious circle a couple of times before leaving.

I probably won’t feel better tomorrow, which is really going to suck because Thomas HAS to be at work tomorrow and can’t stay home to take some of the weight off of my shoulders.

Feel like sleeping for a week. And NOT waking up multiple times in a cold sweat like I did last night. That would be nice.

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