Even more Holdenisms

Come on, did you really think Holden would get less weird over time?

I always figured it would go one of two ways. Either he’d mellow out a little.. or he’d get even weirder as his vocabulary increased and he became more aware of his own sense of humor.
Of course, it went the way of the weird. Figures being raised by two pretty weird parents that we’d have a weird kid. At least there’s never a dull moment.

So what’s new in the world of Holden?

He loves the word “baby”, and not referring to his little brother. More the ladies man kind of “baby.”
He calls my brother’s girlfriend “baby” all the time. “I love you, baby!”

To add to the strangeness, he added “cookie” on to the phrase. “I love you cookie, baby!”
And from there it breeded. Cookie got attached to everything. When he got mad, he just mutters “cookie” under his breath. When he’s excited or being silly, it’s strings of nonsensical sentences with “cookie” littered throughout them. And he likes to use cookie as an insult, too.

And then somehow, Joel McHale and “The Soup” rubbed off on him a little too much. Now instead of cookie, or even WITH cookie, the new phrase of choice for all situations?
“Turkey Tetrazzini”
Yes, you read that right. Turkey freakin’ Tetrazzini. Thanks a lot, Joel!
It really is just the weirdest thing i’ve ever heard come out of a toddler’s mouth. Either that or him yelling “caca poo poo pee pee platter!”.. but that’s due to Thomas and his teaching of strange and slightly inappropriate things on a regular basis.

I think all the weirdness also taught Holden how to threaten people. But not normal threats mind you. Some he’s serious about, and some he just says and then laughs hysterically.
“I’m gonna kick you in the face!”
“I’m gonna put your SHIRT in the WATER!”
“I’m gonna SUCK YOUR TOES!”.. yes, that one totally creeps me out. People with foot fetishes are weirdos, and Holden LOVES FEET. Ew. Just doesn’t understand that they are disgusting and dirty and that he should not want to snuggle them and put his face all over them.

The weirdness I don’t mind, it makes for a break in the stress for my day.. but the foot loving part has GOT TO GO. It makes me more than slightly uncomfortable.

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