With the teensy amount of money I make per month from blogging about random crap and doing the longest, most repetitive boring surveys known to man and possibly using products that will turn my skin green and make my hair fall out- can you guess what I spend my money on?

The kids.

And namely Holden, since everything I buy for Holden will eventually become Parker’s anyways- and he already has too much crap. Well, other than clothes. I can never stop buying clothes no matter HOW much they have

I know it’s months away- but the boys Birthdays are going to sneak up on me if I don’t prepare myself for them early. Last birthday? We spent the entire morning before Holden’s party (me being ginormously pregnant) scouring the city for fish that could actually pass for Nemo because his big gift was a fish tank. As you can see (er.. read), the Pixar obsession started far before Cars came into the picture (cognitively anyways).
I won’t let that happen again, it was not fun times at all.

So i’ve been thinking about it pretty much since Parker decided he’d pop himself into this world 8 days early.. in the same month as Holden’s birthday. Joint party it is! And of course it will be a Cars party..
but what in the hell do you get a 3 year old? There aren’t as many options for fancy learning light up noise making doodads as there are for babies- 2 year olds. There’s all that V-Tech video game crap.. but I see more of those on freecycle from people saying their kids played with it once and wanted nothing more to do with it- so that’s worthless.

I mean, really- what do I get him other than MORE Cars for me to possibly break my neck on, coloring books.. books..
What’s left? He doesn’t need more legos- he has two MEGA tubs full.

If you’ve read the blog at all, or happen to be a friend of mine- you know i’m like a drug dealer when it comes to those damn Cars. I can’t help myself. Even though I know the kid doesn’t need more for his birthday, he just loves the things so much that last night I took it upon myself to start shopping around on Amazon for ones I can never find in the store (that don’t cost a ridiculous amount like $30). I found a BUNCH from one store, and figured like always I could just get combined shipping and knock out a big chunk of his birthday in one sitting.
OHHHH NO, Amazon won’t have any of that! They have basically banned combined shipping so you have to pay about $5.00 for every single thing you order, no matter how small.. no matter if it’s from the same seller. BS!
Did that stop me? NO! I can not be stopped when it comes to Cars. I emailed the seller personally and he cut me a deal to pay him through paypal and cut $30 off the shipping price. Score! 12 more Cars for either rewards or Holden’s birthday. There goes all the money I made from surveying all night long every night. And I don’t regret it one bit!

But that can’t be ALL Holden gets. I read some suggestions from other Moms and pretty much came to the conclusion that the only other useful thing would be a big boy bed. And not a toddler bed.. but a TWIN. it’s time for his room to get a make over anyways. It’s very babyish in decorations, and he’s terrified of the monkeys currently on his walls anyways.
Since he’s having a Cars birthday, the most obvious choice would be a Cars bedspread.. but am I really going to be THAT much of an enabler? I’m going to overdose this house on Cars memorabilia. Not to mention almost every Cars bedspread is bright ass red, and Holden’s walls are mint green.. and NO WAY am I painting again after I already painted this entire house before we moved in.

So I scoured the Walmart website, since I know they have a little of everything.. and found a decent Cars bedspread that has a little green in it.. but also found his second favorite movie- How to Train Your Dragon… and that bed spread is AWESOME. It’s not as gaudy, it matches the walls and everything.
Can you really have a Cars birthday and give the kid a How to Train Your Dragon bedspread though?

Only thing to do was to show him and let HIM decide. Only he couldn’t. He jumped up and down for the Dragon bedspread, but did the same for the Cars bedspread. GAH! I can’t win. I think i’d feel a little guilty if he didn’t get a Cars bedspread.. but the Dragon one is just so much better (in my humble opinion anyways).. and it isn’t like he doesn’t like the Dragon movie! He still talks about it all the time. Still gets amped whenever he sees Toothless anywhere.
DECISIONS!! I hate decisions. What do you think??

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