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ONE of these days, when the boys get a little older.. I swear Thomas and I are going to take a much needed vacation.
I went on one cruise when I was younger, a short one- but I LOVED it. I always hear my friends going on and on about how amazing cruises are, they brag about going on them constantly- so of course that’s the vacation on the forefront of my mind.

Taking a cruise out in the middle of nowhere doesn’t really appeal much to me. I want views of things other than just water! I quite like the feeling of being close to land. And i’ve always wanted to actually go to a destination as well as take a cruise.

Avalon Waterways offers the best of BOTH worlds with their one of a kind river cruises of the great rivers of Europe (among other places).

If you go to their website at www.avalonwaterways.com you can take a 3d tour of their amazing one of a kind ship. Panoramic views, suites 30% bigger than the average stateroom (and mighty nice looking I must say), WITH a balcony (how many cruise ships come with a balcony??)

The thing is huge and awesome, with great choices on locations.

Check out the site, Request a free cruise brochure and see if it’s the right romantic getaway for you.

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