Disney Family Movie Night

Ahhh the first “official” weekend of the summer for the school aged kiddies. Children ’round the globe breathe a sigh of relief while parents groan because it means no more free time during the day while the kids slave away at school.

Disney always takes advantage of these moments in life. What with the release of Toy Story 3, which ADULTS are more excited about than children (Toy Story is OURS!!!) and now with them implementing “Family movie night” on Saturdays. Or at least.. tonight, but i’m pretty sure it will be every Saturday from not until August or so.

Can you just GUESS which movie they decided to show for the first annual FMN?

Of course, much to Holden’s delight, ‘Cars.’

He has been anxiously awaiting this day all week. Sure, he’d watch the movie EVERY day if I let him- but I like to keep it as a special treat so it never loses its novelty to him- so to say he was excited would be a bit of an understatement.

We typically don’t ever have weekend plans, but we don’t just sit inside all day on Saturdays either. And today was actually a little packed as for as the schedule was concerned. ‘Cars’ wasn’t coming on at normal movie time.. which for channels like Disney and ABC Family is usually 7pm and sometimes 8.
No, for their FMN they decided to start the movie at 5. SEEMS perfect, it’s before dinner.. he’d be able to watch the whole movie before having to send him to bed and him having a complete melt down because he knows i’m lying when I say it’s over and it isn’t just so I can turn the TV off.

Today I had my hair appointment at 1.. which can sometimes take FOREVER depending on how far behind my stylist is. How does that bleed into 5pm you may ask? Well, 1pm is also nap time. Kids don’t typically wake up until around 3pm.. but we had my niece’s highschool graduation party to go to, which ALSO started at 1 and ended at 5. We knew we couldn’t go at 1 due to naps and my hair- so we’d hoped to be able to just rush the kids out of the house right after the nap- drive about 20ish minutes to the party, stay for maybe an hour, leave, and get home in time for Cars.

It didn’t work out that way. It never does!
Stylist of course was backed up, so I didn’t even get home until around 3:45. We get on the road at around 4, and thanks to crap ass drivers didn’t even get to the party until around 4:20. Not leaving us much time to hang out. In order to get back to the house in time for ‘Cars’ AND for Parker’s 5pm bottle and nap, we’d have to have left in 20 minutes. With a trampoline in the back yard and an almost 3 year old, that wasn’t gonna happen.

We ended up staying until after 5.. and MY genius idea was to turn on ‘Cars’ while we were there so Holden didn’t miss the beginning since that’s one of his favorite parts.
When I said genius, I was being completely sarcastic. It made him totally hysterical when we told him we had to leave and he could watch it at home.
So he pouted the entire way back, and Parker was tired and kept trying to stick a thumb in his mouth so he could fall asleep.. which we know from experience if that happens he will NOT eat a bottle.. so he ended up being hysterical most of the way home too due to us constantly pulling his hand away from his face. Plus his face had a lip shaped welt on it since I forgot my lip gloss I randomly grabbed and applied had bees venom in it- and gave him a smooch.
Fun car ride, that one!

All was well once we got home, put the movie on, and got Parker his bottle.. but we need to plan out our day better for future family movie nights!

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