Constipation bug?

As far as sicknesses go, there are all kinds of things that can be passed around that everyone knows about. Everyone dreads them, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

There’s the cough/runny nose bug. There’s the stomach flu puking bug. There’s sore throat, chills and aches and pain bugs. If you’re a normal human being, you’ve probably had every single one of those more than once in your lifetime. Just the way it is. We can’t all be born with super immune systems!
On the more rare but still existent bugs- when my mom was sick, there was an airborne diahrea bug. Yes, i’m serious. Yes, it exists. It’s out there, beware!
Walk into a cloud of diarrhea germs and your whole week goes to hell.

One i’ve NEVER heard of and don’t think really exists but seems to in my strange world? The constipation bug.

Holden had serious poop issues as a baby.. but that was only due to having oatmeal in his bottles. Kid was always constipated. ALWAYS. Parker? Not so much. A little here and there but nothing abnormal.. and with the medication he’s on for DGE, he’s been pooping twice as much as normal. A poop machine.
Since we all got sick again- neither kid has been able to poop. It’s been awful. Holden begs to go to the bathroom to poop multiple times per day (instead of going at his usual times, after breakfast and lunch.. which has been like clockwork for almost a year).. only he sits there and tries and nothing comes out.. and then he cries because nothing comes out. It’s gotten to the point already where we had to give him a laxative- but since I didn’t want that to become a habit i’ve just been giving him less milk and more water, telling him if he drinks water it will help him go. So now he calls it “special doodoo water.”
That worked ONE time, since then it’s been a serious struggle. He’s just rabbit turding. One here, two there.. sometimes a bowl full if we’re lucky. He’s not eating anything different, not drinking more milk than usual.

It’s gotta be something in the air because Parker is doing the same thing. Today alone I think I changed 6 diapers with one round turd in each. He just pushes and pushes and nothing comes out. And he isn’t too pleased with the situation either. When he woke up from his nap he pushed and just got so upset that he laid his head on my chest and whimpered while he pushed. He never cuddles, that’s how I know for sure he’s feeling awful.

Constipation bug? Seems so unusual but what else would explain them both randomly having their butts plugged up at the same time?
It may seem like rabbit turds are better than explosive diarrhea, but not when it comes with red faced grunting and screaming.

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