Another round of incompetency

Early today, I sort of made a little promise to myself not to write tonight’s blog about what i’m going to write it about.
And then I just spent the last 20 minutes scrubbing orange vomit out of my white carpet and my fingers are turning white from the cleaner.. and STILL I see a hint of orange mocking me because not all the scrubbing in the world will remove baby vomit from carpets..
So the blog has to be done. It just has to be. That’s the way it is.

I’d suggest if you don’t want to hear more bitching, name calling and the general crapping on of the medical community that you turn away now.

Look- Parker’s medicine is working. Is it working as well as i’d like it to? UH, no. His bottles for the most part are… decent. Except the last bottle of the night. It is pure hell. Wants nothing to do with it. I don’t know whether he’s too tired.. or too full from his evening solids. Whatever it is- it’s annoying. Everything else has improved a lot.
The problem lies in the fact that he is NOT gaining weight. Other babies can eat the same amount or even less than he does and still pack on a normal amount of poundage. Not Parker.

Sure, there always has to be a baby in the lower percentiles of weight- but at least those babies as they got older are still increasing in weight. Maybe staying at the same percentile, but still gaining weight (because if you get older and don’t gain.. the percentile goes down).

Perhaps the baby scale has become an obsession, and maybe I shouldn’t be weighing him every day- but who else is going to keep track of his weight? None of the doctors or nurses he sees seem to give a shit even though we call constantly and TELL them he isn’t gaining (and then they fail to ever return out calls).

Over the past week, i’ve seen Parker’s weight go up a pretty big amount for such a short period of time. Like I said in a previous blog about how he couldn’t gain because he was pooping too much? Yeah well it seems like he was only gaining because he wasn’t pooping as much. And then over the weekend when he decided to finally explode into his diaper- he lost all the weight he’d gained and then some. So now he’s even lower than he was a week ago.

First instinct, of course, is to call the GI so they can maybe finally give two shits and realize they’ve maybe only solved one problem out of multiple problems. What’s the point in eating if it isn’t helping him thrive?

You never get to talk to the actual doctor when you call- you have to go through a series of nurses who have no idea who you are or what you’re talking about and crap always gets twisted around and messed up and nothing gets resolved.
That’s exactly what happened today. Instead of “Oh yeah let’s take a look at him”.. the nurse blew us off. “Well you shouldn’t be weighing him every day, their weight fluctuates like adults”
Right.. maybe I shouldn’t be, but I don’t really agree that his weight should be going up so many ounces and then dropping even more than he gained all week overnight. And that STILL doesn’t change the fact that he’s only gained 8 ounces in over two months. That’s not normal by any standards.
They don’t want to hear that. They don’t listen to anything we say ever. Instead of fitting him in, which needs to be done, because he needs to be seen.. we’re on a wait list of OTHER people waiting for a cancellation. The first open appointment? September. He’ll be a year old by the next available slot.

Instead, they want us to see a speech pathologist. You might say “What? Why? He isn’t even at a speaking age yet!”
Well, because they can help with babies who have a bottle aversion. Parker does not have a bottle aversion. Never did. He didn’t want to eat because he wasn’t hungry. He’s hungry now. That problem was solved almost a month ago. The only problem left is that regardless of how much he eats he isn’t gaining weight. How many times do I have to say it to get it through their heads??
I’m not going to waste another $30 for some doctor to try and watch how he eats when no way in hell is he going to eat a bottle in public anyways.

More pointless crap. It’s the Cystic Fibrosis test all over again.
Pointless, annoying, and a waste of time and money.

I’ll say it again for the millionth time: I HATE DOCTORS!!

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