Adult Interaction

Or a lack thereof, I should say.

It shouldn’t be any big secret that I don’t get out much. Hell, I have time to blog at basically the same time EVERY night- sad, but proof that I don’t really have a life outside of this house.

No, this is not where I complain. I chose this life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although it would be stupid of me to say that I don’t get cabin fever at least once a week.

I used to every now and then go to lunch with whomever, and take Holden along. One kid is pretty simple. Add another to the mix and it doesn’t always seem like such a fantastic or fun or relaxing to go out to lunch anymore. I’d still have done it more often though had Parker not gotten sick and stayed sick for so long.

This lead to me basically staying in the house with not many visitors at ALL for months on end. What my life is lacking? Real adult interaction other than Thomas.
With Thomas I have absolutely no filter, and why should I? We’re married. Nothing is taboo or secret or held back.

So when I find myself around other people my age, I have no idea how to interact anymore. I talk to a toddler all day every day.
It’s fine if i’m around other parents- they expect and are used to poop stories and other things that might not be generally acceptable around those who don’t have kids.

It leaves me wondering afterward if the things I said were weird, or creepy..
I have no idea if I freak people out, or bore them with my mommy talk. Mommy talk is all I know anymore! My life is my kids, as is my full time “job.”
Every aspect of my life is children and the weird things they do and say.. but who knows if anyone who isn’t a parent finds that interesting. And since the only other adult I talk to on a regular basis is someone I have no filter with- I find myself going a little too far in conversation.. and then feeling bad about it later. Can you make new friends talking about potty training with someone who’s never been there?

Maybe I need practice to get back in the swing of things.. or just to sit back and get acclimated before I go on a tangent about child birth with a room full of men. Oops.

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