9 months passed

Funny how it worked out that Thomas’ birthday, Parker’s 9 month “birthday” and his 9 month well-baby checkup happened to all fall on the same day. And it worked out for SURE in my favor, because Thomas took a personal day today which means I didn’t have to scramble to get the kids and myself dressed and ready and to the doctor by 10am. It’s not an easy task to accomplish alone, so an extra pair of hands is always a positive. Plus, Thomas had never even been to the “new” pediatrician yet. He’s gone to all the specialist appointments but 1, the pediatrician appointments were never necessary for him to be there so I was curious what he’d think.

It’s definitely not the same as the office we’d gone to prior to Parker getting so sick. We had gone to a practically brand new state of the art “out patient” Children’s Hospital. Everything was shiny and fancy and clean. But when you get shiny and new, you trade wait times. EVERYONE wants to go to the Children’s Hospital outpatient practice. Everyone and their mother. To wait 2 hours to see a doctor was not abnormal.

The practice we traded for is in a totally different part of town. Old. Very old. Nothing fancy about it, but the doctors come highly recommended and literally- the minute you get in there and pay your copay, you walk back to your room.. and minutes after that a nurse comes in, and minutes after that, the doctor. No waiting around, ever. And i’ve been there MANY times now. No waiting rooms full of fussy children. Today was the first time there was more than one other person in there with me.. and we were only in the waiting room while Thomas paid the copay.

I do miss our old pediatrician. I liked how she handled the kids, di
don’t treat me like I was stupid like some doctors to.. but it just was NOT worth the 2hr wait for a fancy office when I can get the same service elsewhere. The 2nd opinion (when we changed to this new office) didn’t get us any farther with Parker’s situation (we got the same answer) but it did give me a hell of a lot less wasted time.

Thomas may have been a little scared of the whole office. He’s been spoiled by CHKD. I think he even made a comment about it looking like a “free clinic.” I don’t know about all that.

I used to look forward to doctor’s appointments. You get to see how much your baby has grown.. and then get sad about it later because they’re growing too fast. Not so much the case with Parker and his growing issues. He USED to gain weight like a mad man. In the past 3 months he’s gained 1 pound and I have no idea on the height because the ped. says the last measurement had to be wrong.

Obviously the lack of growth is not good, but she says she’s not concerned… yet. His height and weight are apparently in proportion, he has good muscle tone even though he’s not crawling (getting closer every day though) or pulling up (and I knew she’d ask if he was).. his iron levels are perfect.. everything seems to be in order. I just don’t think i’ll ever be comfortable with him being so small and suddenly not gaining anything. Obviously you can’t compare ANY baby to Holden. He was gigantic. I just can’t see having a short child. Skinny yes. Short, no. I’m tall. Thomas is relatively tall. Holden is VERY tall.
I’m just waiting for the day he EXPLODES in growth.. but i’m not sure it will ever come.

We just have to keep on plugging and ATTEMPT to not focus so much on his weight. Don’t think I can help myself, but i’ll try.

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