Well.. that was.. informative, and not.

Can you guess if we got to talk to the doctor today or not?

If you guessed no, you’d be right. It figures we never get to talk to an actual doctor on the phone to discuss Parker’s test results and his once again rapidly decreasing appetite.

A nurse called back.. and although I have a lot of friends who are nurses- I don’t find the ones who deal with my kids very helpful at all.
Sure, she told us the test results- but that didn’t get us anywhere or really answer any questions. Just more confusion.
All of the blood tests came back normal.. except one. His liver enzymes are elevated. What does that mean? I don’t have the faintest idea. And once again, just like the spleen, she told us it could mean nothing.
Until the ultrasound next week, there’s nothing they can tell us other than that. We just have to sit and wait until that day- and that could possibly turn up nothing as well.

Sure, it’s not normal- but it might not be abnormal either. If the ultrasound comes back with nothing… where does that leave us? Back at square 1 yet again.. and as much as I like the GI we saw, if those tests come back with zilch, is he going to continue to help us or write us off like everyone else?

The amount of stress and frustration at the situation is completely overwhelming. I just want Wednesday to get here already and see where we are after that. Hopefully not in the dark. As much as i’d love for there to be nothing wrong with Parker, my instinct tells me there is. Just not sure if anyone is going to find it and ‘fix’ it.

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