Taking a big, possibly messy chance

We’ve been waiting for this night since Holden started potty training. Two years in the making, and tonight, finally, Holden is wearing underwear to bed instead of a diaper.

Before Parker was born, Holden went weeks without peeing over night but I just never had the full confidence that he wouldn’t pull a fast one on me and pee himself crazy and wake up either screaming in the middle of the night or in the morning soaked and wreaking of urine. Last thing I want to do at either 3am or 8am is give him a bath and change sheets.

Lately he’s been doing really well during the day time. No accidents (I can’t even remember the last day time accident he had), and holding his pee for the majority of his naps.

Night time has been a total crapshoot though. He has a night or two where he won’t pee and then a week where he does every single night.
We’ve tried bribing him, rewarding him immensely.. Nothing has really stuck.

I guess about 2 weeks ago Thomas made a promise to Holden that if he didn’t pee overnight three nights in a row, he’d get to wear underwear, and then if he didn’t pee in his underwear- he’d buy him underwear with Cars on it. Of course, this amped Holden up. Unfortunately he’d get to day 2 and end up peeing and having to start all over again. Two days is better than none, but still not enough to confidently put him in underwear and have a shot at him waking up dry in the morning.

The past few days may just be a breakthrough. Three days, no peeing overnight. I think one or two of those nights he woke up at 3am to pee and then came into bed with us afterward- but it’s still progress. At least he woke up and knew he had to pee instead of sleeping through it and waking up with a ginormous diaper.
So now, he’s asleep.. in underwear. I feel like biting my nails from nerves. I have no idea if he’s going to hold it all night or not. I HOPE he does for a billion different reasons- the main two being no more damn diapers (we ran out of his size anyways), and him not waking us up in the wee hours of the morning in full meltdown mode because he HATES peeing himself during the night (we had it happen for a week right after we brought Parker home and threw in the towel and put him in diapers. Probably should have started the underwear at night BEFORE Parker came home instead of after.. but it most likely all would have come undone with regression anyways).

Here’s the thing: Never, in all the underwear shopping i’ve done for Holden have I EVER seen underwear with Cars on it. Well, maybe in tighty whitey form.. but if you’ve read the blog in the past you know my stance on that: NO WAY. Won’t put him in those. So creepy.
I told Thomas he’d better start scouring Amazon to see if any random store on there sells any kind of car boxer briefs (not even necessarily from the movie, just any kind of car).. but i’m not so sure he’s going to find any.
If you know Holden, you know he NEVER forgets a promise. He remembers. He remembers everything, and he will bug you until you make good on that promise.

Thomas had better hope he finds those magical undies, or he’s going to be in a world of Holden hell.

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