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Benefit of the doubt doesn’t seem to exist in this house anymore. Fresh out of it lately. That and my little vial of patience is getting mighty low.

Parker has now been on antibiotics for 2 full days. I think he’s had 7 or 8 doses of this crap.
And so far? No change. Not in his eating habits anyways. It’s definitely changed his pooping habits. From normal to straight up diarrhea. Massive disgusting eye burning farts and poop that defies gravity. It’s lovely. And it happens multiple times per day. He especially loves to do it while i’m eating. Appetizing to bite into the sandwich only to smell poop so strong you can taste it.

I wish when we talked to the nurse we had asked how long this stuff should take to kick in. A few days? A week? At least then i’d know if it’s not working at all.. or if it’s just going to take time. I’d know whether to be pissed off or hopeful. The not knowing is the most annoying part, because it seems like we’re always in the dark about everything. The only thing I am right now is frustrated, but I guess that’s nothing new.

I just really really don’t want it to get to the point where he has to have the endoscopy. My worst friggin’ nightmare and it’s going to be scheduled in less than two weeks if this crap doesn’t kick in.

It had BETTER kick in. Like now. Far past losing my mind at this point.

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