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Is it sad and pathetic that I look forward to getting the mail every day?

This only began recently though. The mail used to ONLY be full of bills and bad news. Every day, more bills, more and more and more bills. You owe this, you owe that. This is late, even though you just paid it the next month is due! Hooray!

It all changed when I became a fan of Freebies4Mom. They introduced me to the world of making money through (long and sometimes tedious and repetative) surveys.. and the fabulous world of freebies. YES! FREEBIES! No work required other than entering your address and a few weeks later, BAM, free crap in your box.
I wouldn’t say I get free stuff every day, but any free stuff is better than no free stuff and it’s definitely better than getting bills.

I’ve gotten everything from free hair color, yogurt, excedrin, dip, chips, digiorno pizza, frozen fish dinners.. to two bags of Pretzel M&Ms. Seriously, those things are THE BEST m&ms i’ve ever had.. well.. next to the peanut butter ones. Yummmmmmm.

Well this week I had even more exciting things coming in the mail. Not that freebies aren’t exciting, but these were specific things I ordered and have been waiting for.. and tracking.. and wondering why in the hell one of them had been sitting in North Carolina for 3 days instead of being on its way to my damn doorstep.

One was a tank top I ordered from Victoria’s Secret with a gift card that’s been burning a hole in my pocket for over a month.. that I painstakingly went through the entire website to pick out. The other? Holden’s ‘Cars’ underwear that we promised him. Found a cheap pair off of Ebay with the cheapest shipping on earth in the right size (hard to come by in boxer briefs).

Little did I know they would come on the same day, today! Way to go Ebay seller, fastest package I have EVER received.

Of course, the first thing I tore into was Holden’s underwear. He’s been asking for it EVERY day since I told him it was coming in the mail. And he’s earned it.. sort of. He’s down to peeing his bed a little under 50% of the time at night. Not great but 50% better than it was a month ago, can’t complain really.
Anyways, i’ve never seen someone so excited about underwear. To say he was ecstatic would be a huge understatement. He wanted to put them on right away. Was not pleased when I informed him he could wear them after his bath if he didn’t piss his bed during nap time. The whole day he carried them around and told me how much he loved them and attempted to put them on over his pants.
Somehow when he actually got to put them on? Not really all that interested anymore. All that build up for nothing!
Though I bet if he pees all over them and has to take them off he won’t be so uninterested anymore.

Next I excitedly opened my package from Victoria’s Secret.. only the reaction afterward was… confusion.

I ordered a black tank top with creme lace trim. Long enough to go over the waistband of my jeans and slightly hide the unfortunate muffin top i’m still carrying around thanks to depo. This was NOT that tanktop.
Sure it was black.. and lace trimmed.. but in a size that could fit three of me into it. The trim was black too. And though that might sound cute, it’s not cute. Plus it’s short. The girl who is meant to wear this would be wearing a friggin’ belly shirt. Thomas got home and picked it up and laughed.. a lot.. and then tried it on. It was loose on HIM, and he is a good 40-50 pounds heavier than me.
Here I was, all excited to have a new tank top to wear with this overbearingly hot weather.. only to be greeted with a beach towel. I’ve ordered from Victoria’s Secret online before and been pleasantly surprised- and now i’m horrifyingly disappointed.
I know they got my order right. I looked at the receipt. It clearly states black tank top, creme trim, size medium. This is more like an XXL.
Blah. So now I have to call them and bitch, send this stupid thing back and hope they get it right and don’t attempt to re-charge me on shipping for their mistake.

I’m just wondering if the larger woman who this was meant for got my relatively small tank top and tried it on. She’d probably be even more disappointed than I am.

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