The Pay Off

I’ve heard people say multiple times in the past that doing online surveys is a waste of time and they’re all scams, and all sorts of negative things. Not that I didn’t believe them- trust me I was hesitant.. but I figured- I have nothing better to do after the boys are in bed and i’ve checked all my email and written my blog- why not give it a shot?

A few times in the past i’ve blogged about making money online. My main source previously was this blog.. it probably still is actually (just put $50 into my bank account yesterday), but for a family with no expendable income- I was willing to try the surveys just to see what would happen.

Had a little luck with a few sites, 5 bucks here and 5 bucks there. And now i’ve gotten Thomas into it so it’s double the 5 bucks going into my paypal account (paypal account is happy).

Don’t get me wrong- surveys, for the most part, are incredibly annoying. Some you get 10 questions in and suddenly get booted out with no compensation. Makes you think the survey companies are just making free money off of you. They probably are. Some surveys are only worth about .50 and take you a freaking hour. And not an interesting hour, but an hour of repetative mind numbing multiple-multiple-multiple choice questions. Sometimes your computer might have an error halfway into the survey and you can’t re-access it. Sometimes you don’t qualify for ANY surveys one night.

But then.. THEN.. the wonderful pay off comes. You log in to all those accounts and realize you can cash out $5, $10, another $5 and one $15 and it suddenly all doesn’t seem so bad… even if your eyes hurt.

There’s one survey site that is currently my favorite. I was miraculously invited to it by being part of American Eagle’s rewards program.. so no, I don’t get cash, but I do get AE gift cards. Good enough for me. I like their clothes, and I need new clothes. Their surveys are short. Even if you don’t finish one, you still get partial pay. And the other night I got paid something like $15 for watching a 30 minute pilot to a new TV show that was seriously hilarious.
Today in the mail I got a $25 gift card to American Eagle. Just in time, because I don’t wear shorts and I seriously need capris/bermuda shorts/crops that aren’t maternity that end up giving me frumpy horse butt because my ass got so huge while I was pregnant it stretched out the fabric.

Can’t argue with $25 bucks for practically no work. E-rewards.com is the site if you’re interested… but you might want to make sure American Eagle is on the list of rewards when you sign up or you’ll be SOL and stuck with flying “miles.”
Or maybe that would be something you’d be interested in if you’re the frequent flier type. Not I.

I think tonight I might get to cash out $15 yet again.. if my finger holds up- since I tore off the top layer of skin and I have absolutely no idea how- but it’s killing me and makes me want to gag when I look at it (I fear the days when my children skin their knees. I will pass the eff out).

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