(Not so) Stranger Danger

Six to seven months is about the time in a baby’s life where they become absolutely, completely, horrifically scared of strangers and faces they don’t see every second of every day.
It’s what we like to call “stranger danger”, and it’s no fun at all. Good luck leaving your child with a new babysitter.. you’ll get a call about 20 minutes in to your date night saying the baby just WON’T stop screaming.

Holden went through ‘stranger danger’ very very early. Didn’t want anyone to touch him but Thomas and I (and mostly just me) for the first 4 months of his life. After that he’d go to anyone who wanted to hold him. ANYONE. He loved all strangers.. which could have turned out very bad for us and luckily didn’t. It means my arms didn’t ache from holding a 26 lb 6 month old. Score!

Parker, however, has been a people person since birth. Wants to be held facing out. Wants to stare at random strangers for awkwardly long periods of time. Has been blissful being held by anyone at any time.
Even with all of his appointments and all the random doctors and nurses that have put their hands on him- he always had a smile on his face.
Even getting his black tongue scrubbed at by the pulmonologist- no crying whatsoever.

He loves everyone it would seem.. except one person. One person you’d never expect. The most laid back harmless person on earth. The person ALL children love: My Dad.
Yep that’s right, my poor Dad.

Up until last week Parker has smiled at my Dad every time he’s come over (and he comes over once a week pretty much like clockwork) .. and then my Dad waited a week and a half to come over and when he walked up to Parker to say hello it was meltdown city. Total hysterics. You’d think my Dad was the boogie man.
I thought maybe it was a one time thing. My dad maybe waited too long to come and see him and Parker forgot who he was.. so when my Dad came over again today (only 4 days after the last time) I figured all would be fine and dandy.

Parker was sitting in his high chair nomming the hell out of his sippy- happy as could be until my Dad walked up to him and said hello. WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
It was not good.
Even after we got him calmed down and back in his highchair with his sippy, my dad attempted to approach him again only to be received the same horrible way.

What in the world is it about my Dad that sends Parker into a raging fit when he’s perfectly fine with everyone else, even a perfect stranger?

Perhaps it’s my dad’s mustache. Kids DO freak out at Santa and his menacing beard on a regular basis (if you’ve seen the last Santa picture we got, you know what I mean)- so why not a thick mustache? I know lots of small children have been terrified of my step brother in the past and he swears it’s the facial hair that does it.
It’s really the only thing that makes sense. I used to hate getting rubbed by my Dad’s stubble when he kissed me goodnight as a child (I have never seen him without a mustache, weird huh?). it must be pretty scary to always see everyone’s upper lip and suddenly not be able to see someone’s. Maybe my dad looks like a mustachiod alien to Parker.

Whatever the problem: I hope it either stops or transfers to REAL strangers soon. I feel bad for my dad that he can’t get anywhere near Parker without causing a red-faced fit.

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