Night Terrors.. or Night TERRORS?

Weird happenings in this house yet again. Always with the weird happenings! Is this place built on some ancient Indian burial ground? Did all my “remodeling” disturb an angry spirit?
Man, I hope not.

I’ve always gotten a strange vibe in this house. I’ve written about Holden’s apparent experiences more than once. I still get the urge to go sprinting out of the bathroom when I randomly wake up to pee in the middle of the night because it feels like someone else is there.

Holden’s experiences have gone from occasional to incredibly frequent. It’s unsettling to say the least.
On one hand, I think maybe he’s just experiencing dreams for the first time (or remembering he had them when he woke up) and it’s totally freaking him out.. but on the other- what he’s going through doesn’t 100% fit him having dreams.
I think Thomas put it into Holden’s head that he CAN have dreams so now when the kid wakes up in absolute hysterics 4 times per night, he’s only telling us what he thinks we want to hear when we ask him what’s wrong.
“I had a bad dream about Monkeys!” (he has monkeys on the wall above his bed), so naturally I ask him “you did? You’re scared of your monkeys?” and he says “No, they’re my friends. HI MONKEYS!”
So it seems like he just remembers Thomas asking him one time when he woke up crying about a dream, and now he’s going to use that excuse every time he wakes up crying.

In the past few weeks though, other things have been happening that are either freaking me out or making me scratch my head in confusion. The waking up screaming hysterically during naps AND bed.. not telling me what’s wrong other than saying he’s scared of something random. He’s told me “there’s a man under my bed mommy”, and then Parker waking up with the phantom bite marks/random marks on his face multiple mornings.

Something weird is going on in this house, that’s for sure. I can’t say it’s ghosts.. but sometimes it sure seems like it.
I just wish if Holden WAS having dreams he’d tell me what they’re really about, because they all seem like nightmares if that’s what’s going on.. and i’m interested to know what a 2.5 year old could have nightmares about.
Tonight I convinced him to go to bed by telling him he could dream about candy and Lightning McQueen and he was in.

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