My how far we’ve come

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When we were kids (assuming you’re anywhere around my ripe old age), school lunches were much different than today. Even packed lunches from home were different. We had sandwiches, orange slices.. maybe some chips if we were lucky. And if mom was feeling especially tired one weekday morning- it was the always there fallback Lunchables. Only we only had ham or turkey with crackers and cheese.
These days Lunchables goes FAR beyond what we had. Pizza? I couldn’t even dream up Lunchables Pizza when I was little.

And now they’re taking it even farther and in a whole new amazing direction.

Lately, school systems have been having to cut back because of the economy and smaller budgets. Music and Art programs being cut.. and now field trips too. This year, 56% of school systems will be cutting their field trip budgets to nothing. That’s over 30,000 schools. All those awesome learning field trips we looked forward to when we were little? Our kids may not have the chance to experience that.

So Lunchables Lunch Combinations has launched Field Trips For All from their new initiative called “Project Potential” which will offer enriching field trip experiences to those children who otherwise may not have it.

And ANY child 6 or older can nominate their school or someone else’s school to win one of those experiences. All you have to do is go to http://www.lunchables.com/potential/ and submit a nomination. From all nominations received, 50 classrooms will be selected to go on an inspiring, educational experience. Have you heard of Save the Music? To me, this is Save the Field trips! I can’t imagine going to school without field trips.

Check it out, and if you know a school in need, any school who’s budget has been cut and children are the ones who suffer because of it- nominate them!

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