Maybe that WASN’T such a good idea

So we sucked it up and made the switch. Moved Holden to the bigger car seat, and decided to go ahead and take out the carrier and let Parker sit in Holden’s old convertible.

I didn’t exactly expect it to go smoothly- I can remember Holden hating his at first.. but the reaction Parker is having is INTENSE.

I put him in the seat and he’s all smiles. Get him set up with some toys.. and then get into the front of the car. As soon as we start moving, it’s scream city. And he will scream the entire car ride to wherever it is we’re going. He’ll cry so hard that he’ll end up gagging himself. Unlike his carrier, I can’t wrap my arm around my seat and reach him in the convertible anymore- so there’s nothing I can do unless I want to unstrap myself and lean over the seat while the car is moving. Not fun to do!

Really the convertible isn’t so much different from the carrier. He sits up a little bit more- but other than that they’re very similar. The only thing missing is his toy bar that he’s so obsessed with that hung across the handles to the carrier.
So I had a genius thought, maybe i’ll get the toy bar and just let him HOLD it during car rides. Then he still has it to play with.. and he can finally throw it around like he always tried to do and couldn’t because it was securely attached.

Bingo. That car ride was pure bliss. He hit and slapped that toy bar the whole time. No whining.. he hardly even made a noise other than when he pushed the button to play the music.
On the way home? He passed right out. Always sad to see a baby asleep in a convertible car seat. That poor head just hangs there, swaying with the motion of the car.

Tonight my brother invited us to dinner- and guess what I couldn’t find? That damn toy bar. It had mysteriously disappeared. I’m sure it was Holden’s doing. Loves to play with baby toys and then lose them.
My brother only lives a few miles away so we figured we’d just have to suck it up for the time being and hope he’d find something to keep him occupied for the 5 minute drive.
No. Didn’t happen. He wasn’t having that car seat at ALL! The screaming started as soon as I closed the car door. He only lulled when he found something to look at that caught his attention for a few moments and then it was right back to screaming again.

Poor thing. Part of me would love to just throw in the towel, give him the stupid carrier back and once again have peaceful car rides.. but I know that’s just enabling a situation I don’t want to be in again. I love having him in public without that clunky heavy thing. And Parker LOVES riding in shopping carts. It is the highlight of whatever day he gets to be in one. This morning we went to BJs where they have the double seated shopping carts and for once Holden wanted to sit WITH him.. little man was in pure heaven. Shopping cart AND getting to sit next to his brother? Hell yes.

Seems like we’ll just have to deal with the screaming until he gets used to the new seat. And for the life of me I can’t remember how long it took Holden to actually like being in it.
I found that damn toy bar.. and it’s going with us from now on, that’s for sure.

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