Reminds me of a prom nightmare.

Today I felt like a girl who had been stood up for prom by the guy of her dreams.
You wait and wait for the day to come along. You go through tons of preparations and counting down the hours. You spend days imagining what he’ll say, what you’ll say, and hoping the outcome will be in your favor instead of being one of those disaster proms where you spend 75% of it crying in the bathroom until your face is streaked in mascara because you never thought to use waterproof.
Still, even THAT is better than being stood up. Sitting alone at home, sobbing into a pint of Cherry Garcia while everyone else is out having the time of their lives.

The big difference between that situation and mine should obviously be that not only am I way too damn old to ever be going to another prom, but i’m married so therefore I don’t date.

The situation i’m referring to should be pretty clear.. as it’s something that never seems to end: Parker’s sickness.

It’s been a week since he got all of his blood tests done. We’ve sat and waited patiently for the doctor to call and tell us what they said, if anything (as he promised to do). He claimed they “would be back soon”- but really what the hell does ‘soon’ mean in doctor language?
I’d say waiting a week after 4 damn months of no answers is being preeeeeetty patient by any standards.

I got sick of waiting by the phone and wondering if and when the doctor would call, what the tests would say- where we’d go from there, etc. I started feeling like we were being forgotten about. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time, and i’ve just about had my fill of giving doctors the benefit of the doubt.

So we called. Figured even if we couldn’t talk to the doctor, someone could at least tell us if the tests were in and maybe what they said.
Brutally rebuffed.

We were essentially told to sit and wait and deal. Wednesdays, apparently, are the only days this doctor makes calls- and if he were going to call us, he would call us after he saw all of his patients for the day.
Here it is, 9:30pm and guess who hasn’t called? I highly, HIGHLY doubt he’s still seeing patients when the practice closes at something like 5:00 and the last appointment is at 4:30.

And it got me to thinking.. Really? He only makes calls on Wednesdays? What the hell kind of sense does that make?
So you’re telling me if my kid has some kind of bloodborn deadly bacterial infection, and you saw him on a Thursday- you wouldn’t bother to call me until the following Wednesday because that’s “the only day you make phonecalls”?
That’s what i’m supposed to believe?

This is a bunch of horse shit if you ask me. I’m sick of sitting around and waiting. Give me the damn blood test results! I know they’re in!
No, I don’t care if he has an ultrasound next week. I don’t know if the GI he saw is even doing it or if it’s just with an U/S tech, so it’s possible we won’t get the damn results THEN either.
YOU said you’d call as soon as you got them back. And YOU said that wouldn’t take long at all. So hold up to your end of the damn deal and make a 5 minute phone call. Big stupid turd.

I think i’m officially back to hating all doctors again. Nobody puts baby in a corner. That’s right, i’m going Dirty Dancing on your ass.

Can you guess who will be getting a very unpleasant call tomorrow morning?

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