The Itchy & Snotty show

Let me ask you this: How does it make ANY sense for someone to get a ‘cold’ in the summer time?

Woke up this morning.. sweating because even with the AC on, the fact that it’s over 85 outside makes it probably somewhere close to that inside.. with a sore itchy scratchy throat, slightly somewhat stuffy somewhat runny nose (don’t you hate that?), and a pounding headache.

With the inch thick layer of pollen covering absolutely everything outside.. and m

Considering my extreme allergy to it- of course my first thought was that it was just going to be a bad allergy day. Usually the pollen only effects my eyes and nose.. but it could have a wild hair up its ass today.

And then Holden woke up (DRY!), complaining about boogers.. and I noticed his right nostril was leaking like a faucet. Holden does NOT have allergies. The only time he’s ever had a runny nose is when RSV was spreading around our house like a California wildfire.

And then the fear set in.. we’re getting sick again. This is exactly how it started last time. Well, not EXACTLY, Thomas brought that shit home last time.. but it started with the itchy sore throat and Holden with the snotty nose.

The absolute LAST thing on earth Parker needs now (or ever again) is to get some kind of head/chest/respiratory infection again. He still hasn’t fully recovered from the last one. We still don’t know what the hell is up with his spleen.

Unless he gets really damn lucky, I don’t see how he can avoid it. The two sick people in the house are the two people he spends all day every day with.
Holden doesn’t know how to keep his germs to himself. Today he actually went and got himself toilet paper and brought it to me so I could help him blow his nose and wipe residual snot off of his face- but he has a nasty habit of wiping boogers on people and thinking it’s the most hilarious thing on earth. He also insists on kissing all over Parker’s face and breathing on him constantly.

And Parker? He is in his mega-clingy “I want Mommy ALL THE TIME!” stage. Can’t get out of his eyesight even for a second.. and most of the time he absolutely insists on being held and chewing my shoulder or trying to eat my hands. My hands that have been scratching my sickly nose all day. Not all the hand sanitizer in the world can prevent him from at least nomming on SOME snot I may have missed.
And then there’s feeding time.. and nap time.. where all he wants is to be snuggled up as close to my face as possible and having me sing directly into his. Sick breath ALL over his face.

Seriously, I should just buy a mask and walk around like Michael Jackson did for those last 10 years and call it a day.

GIVE US A BREAK HERE!! Do we really need to get sick again? I mean, REALLY?
Suck it!

If Holden and I don’t wake up tomorrow feeling itch free and snot-less, i’m going to be PISSED.

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