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Typically I never blog about things like celebrities, tv shows (unless one of the kids is glued to the TV while one is on), or politics. Just not my style. I don’t want to be Perez. I’d like to make as much money as he does, but i’d never want to be as obnoxiously hated as he is.

I’ve bit my tongue long enough on this subject and I feel like i’m going to explode my frustration and disdain all over the screen if I don’t just let it all out.

American Idol. It can not suck any harder.

I’ll admit, in seasons past i’ve gotten into it and rooted for a certain competitor to win (Adam Lambert for instance.. and I think I rooted for Blake the beat boxer as well). I liked to watch Paula’s ridiculously drunken ramblings and Simon tear into the tone deaf and melodically challenged.
Being that I am/was a singer myself, been through 8 years of vocal training, and hate more music than I like- it was nearly the perfect show for me. The good mixed with the bad. And those people thought were good but deserved to have their vocal chords ripped out.

But come on y’all, let’s admit it. American Idol is past its’ prime. They booted Paula, Simon is leaving.. and this years batch of “talent”? Worst. Ever.
In previous seasons most of those hacks wouldn’t have made it past Hollywood week. There are some whose stories I like, but as Katy Perry said “This isn’t Lifetime”

Mediocre at best. And Simon, instead of being an even harder more critical judge has turned into a big blubbering puss. I don’t know if the producers just CHOOSE who they want to win and then tell the judges “Cram ____ down the viewers throats! They’re idiots! They don’t know good singing, they just know what we TELL them is good singing”

And by who’s left out of the middle of the line singers that graced us with their presence this season, i’d have to agree.

Crystal Bowersox? Are you kidding me? Look, it’s not that I think she can’t sing.. it’s that I think everything she sings sounds like the SAME DAMN SONG. Over and over, that same boring, teeth grating voice that I have to watch come out of her jacked up teeth (what the hell ever happened to the makeovers? It did wonders for Kelly Clarkson). Who the hell is going to buy her boring ass album? It’s Ruben Studdard all over again. Everyone Ooohhh’ed and Aaaahhh’ed over him, pushed him to win, and then ignored his album and he faded into obscurity. If there’s any justice in this world, the same will happen to Toothless Crappysox.

And we all know she’s going to win. It’s been force fed to us that she’s the “best” for so many weeks that most people actually believe it. WAKE UP! She sucks. She’s boring. She’s annoying. And the costume people aren’t doing her any favors with what they stick her in.
Poor little decent-voiced but relatively offkey salesman Lee (who looks a lot like Danny Gokey from last season. Ew) doesn’t stand a chance.

ugh. Let’s just put American Idol out to pasture once and for all. We all know it’s going to fail miserable without Simon Cowell anyways. Can’t we just admit it and let it go? I don’t think there’s any coming back from this horrid awful talentless season.

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  • hmm you think crystal is going to win? i only watched the first couple weeks of auditions, after that i lost interest, but everyone i know that watches it, thinks lee is going to win.

  • unless hell freezes over, Crystal is going to win. They judges all their heads so far up her ass I don’t think they even know Lee exists.

    I did think Adam would win last year, BUT, they both had an equal amount of buzz. Judges liked them both. I haven’t heard anyone say ANYTHING about Lee