Holden or Parker?

The boys are getting older each day, and each day I think they look just a tiny bit more like their own person and less like identical twins at different ages.
I’m beginning to think that maybe I have the mindset of a parent with actual identical twins- in that even if NO ONE else can ever tell them apart, the parent still can because of how much time you spend with them. If you spend 24-7 with two people who look exactly alike, it’s only natural to begin to be able to see the tiniest little differences and then you wake up one morning and no longer think identical twins look anything alike at all. And everyone else thinks you’re insane.

So I figured we’d play a little game called “Holden or Parker?”
I’ll post a series of pictures of the boys, at the same age of course, and see if you can tell me who is who? (or is it whom is whom?)
I wonder if all of you will think they look like the same child, or if you’ll be able to tell how different they really are?

Can you remember which of these is Holden and which is Parker from their newborn pictures?

I used to think they looked absolutely identical in those pictures.. but now I can’t help but to see the differences. Weird.

How about here at 2 months old, can you tell which baby is which?

Yes, paint sucks. My bad.

How about 5 months old? I’d think it should be getting pretty easy, but maybe that’s just me.

And what about 7 months old.. which is where I think they took a serious turn for the ‘different’

Yes, I can still see how everyone thinks they look “so much alike”.. they’re obviously, VERY obviously brothers. They have the same eyes. They have similar smiles. I would think for anyone who isn’t around them and doesn’t know their personalities, the weight differences in the pictures alone would be the key to telling them apart above.

Go ahead and give it a shot, I think most of you should do very well! Which proves my point, Parker is not Holden’s clone!

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  • newborn:
    2 months:
    not sure b/c of picture quality
    5 months:
    i am pretty sure about this one…
    7 months:
    i am definetly sure of this one
    i think they have really grown to be two unique individuals! both cutie pies!