He may not eat but he sure can move

Although we appear to be moving backwards in the eating department- at least we still seem to be moving forward as far as milestones go. Nothing will slow Parker down, the kid is a machine.

He mastered sitting independently (although if he sees something he really likes he will fling himself in whichever direction it’s in.. so I can never go too far), when he gets mad he knows the exact word to say to get what he wants “MAMA!!! MAAAMMAAAAAA!”
He eats mum mums with the greatest of ease (seems like the only easy thing to get into him), drinks out of his sippy (more like tips, chews, and chokes.. but it’s close)..

There is only one thorn in his side. The bane of his existence (in his mind), the one thing that has been plaguing him for months?
Crawling. It’s all he wants to do. It’s all he attempts to do when he isn’t shoving random things Holden gives to him into his mouth. And he is none too pleased that he hasn’t quite figured out how to put all the pieces together and get his crazy ass off the ground so he can tear through the house after his brother.

It used to be that he’d either be butt up or head up, but couldn’t find the arm strength to get off of his elbows.
I can’t even recall when, but sometime I guess over the past 2 weeks that changed and now he pushes up as high as he can go.. so the next step was to pull those hips off of the ground. He gets them up only for a few seconds.. never long enough to rock back onto his knees.

Funny thing is when he’s on the bed after getting his pajamas on, he puts that butt in the air, buries his face in the bed and can wiggle himself like an inchworm from one end to the other in record time. Can’t look away or he’ll take a header.

So he knows exactly what he needs to do. He knows how to move those knees to push himself forward.. he just doesn’t know how to get those knees under him when he’s pushed up on his arms.

Past few days I decided maybe I should help him along in his journey. It would mean a hell of a lot less whining coming out of him and a lot fewer headaches for me.

When he pushes up onto his arms, I just stick my hand under his stomach and give him a little boost. VERY little. What I noticed right off the bat was that as soon as I did that, he YANKED those knees up under himself immediately.. and then made a face like he was seeing a whole new world. I can take my hand away and he might be able to hold it for a few seconds, but then it’s belly flop city. Guess I figure maybe if I SHOW him how to do what he wants to do, he’ll learn how to do it.
These kids man, they can LEARN and EVERYTHING! Who knew???

And what happened today? Progress, my friends, progress. While practicing, he decided to push up and move forward all by his lonesome. Of course, he quickly belly flopped right afterward and proceeded to roll all the way across the room and proceed to shit himself.. but hey, it’s something!

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